Get the Most from Instagram Hashtags by Knowing the Latest Updates

Social media is always evolving, and it is, therefore, no surprise that Instagram has gone through some changes in 2018 by incorporating new tools and features besides adding a whole new video channel. While these are exciting developments that marketers must familiarize with quickly, they must keep paying attention to the use of Instagram hashtags which are still most important for grabbing eyeballs by ensuring engagement. Engagement is important because it has a direct link to the number of active Instagram followers who contribute to brand success. A single hashtag in an Instagram post can boost engagement by 12.6% as compared to posts that do not have hashtags. It highlights the importance of creating a hashtag strategy for your Instagram posts.

The working modality of hashtags

The purpose of hashtags is to categorize photos and video content for organizing work. Besides ensuring that every picture carries a captivating content, you must include a few hashtags in it but not more than 30. Without the hashtags, it is impossible for the content to gain visibility. The hashtags closely relate to the content and provide an identity to it so that users who are looking for that type of content can locate it quickly.

To keep tuned with the best practices in using hashtags on Instagram by considering the new features added to the platform recently, try out the following.

Judge the effectiveness of hashtags

How effective are your hashtags is what you should know to make improvements to the campaign for making it more effective and business oriented? Instagram has added the feature of Instagram Insights to help in analyzing the effectiveness of hashtags in attracting views or impressions on your post. By knowing the number of impressions the hashtags generate, you get an idea about how many people discovered your business.

Know your top performing hashtags

Which hashtags are most effective in gaining visibility for your posts is what marketers are keen to know and to help them Instagram has added a new feature by including hashtag analytics into the Instagram Graph API. The information is highly beneficial for business as it helps to pay more attention to the high performing hashtags and eliminate the poor performing ones. It enhances the marketing efficiency to a great extent as you can drive the campaign forcefully by banking on high performing hashtags only.

Follow hashtags to stay updated

To build your online authority, it is necessary to stay updated with various topics in your niche on the Instagram platform. To stay active and exercise your authority on the platform that helps to establish your business on a high pedestal, you can now follow hashtags of other posts to stay updated about what is happening around you. Tapping the follow button on the hashtag page will turn you into a follower of that page.

Instagram users can now use hashtags in the bio that helps to drive traffic to the website. You can now add clickable hashtags as well as names in the bio that testifies the close link between social media and SEO marketing.

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