The Importance of Personal Branding For Your E-commerce Businesses Growth

E-commerce is one of the most vibrant and interesting industries out there. The presence of the internet in people’s lives has made shopping an almost completely virtual experience and this business can only grow both in terms of size and complexity.

It isn’t really that noticeable, but personal branding is essential to these types of businesses. That’s why no one talks about the e-commerce as such, but everyone knows about Amazon and eBay as the places to go online and buy things.

An overall strategy

In order to achieve this type of brand recognition, the businesses need to approach it as a part of a larger plan. Before you can go about creating a sense of business identity, you need to know what identity is, to who are you trying to market it and how you plan to do it.

This isn’t only about setting up goals and having an idea what your future plans will be. A branding strategy also needs to define the resources you have, both in terms of money and staff and how you plan to utilize them.

Listen to your customers

E-commerce, like any other business, in fact, is about fulfilling the needs of your customers. The only way to create a brand people will connect with is to ask them what kind of brand they want. This doesn’t mean that the whole branding strategy needs to be driven by polls and focus groups. It’s fine to be driven by a personal vision, but it has to be a reaction to the needs of actual customers.

A great thing about the internet being your business is that all of the data needed to accomplish such a thing is already available to you, just by letting the users interact with your company and analyzing the data that you get in the process.


There are numerous e-commerce businesses out there and there’s going to be plenty more pretty soon. That’s why it isn’t enough to have a product that does the job well (or even great). You need to create a compelling story about your brand and find a way to tell it to the audience.

This is mostly done by explaining why your business exists. The form and the channels through which you tell the story are less important if the story itself is good. The hardest part about this is that most businesses don’t really know why they exist and this is something you’re going to have to answer to yourself first.

A personal style

It’s essential for an e-commerce business to stand out from the crowd and develop a unique sense of style. It should come as a direct result of the features we have just mentioned. The aesthetic of the brand needs to be a part of its story and a response to the needs and interest of the users.

Once you’ve assessed your strengths and your unique point of view, the best way to go is to consult with an expert, such as this branding agency from Melbourne and turn these high concepts into a functioning design that can be altered as the business progresses.

Retaining customers

Attracting new customers to your e-commerce site is one thing, finding the way to keep them coming is something completely different and it takes a different approach. There are a lot of competitors in this field and the companies need to find the way to fight for each customer every day.

That’s why a lot of online shoppers say that customer experience is the most important part of the e-commerce business. After you’ve created a recognizable brand, you need to make sure that the customers associate it with a reliable and helpful customer service.


Those who have been in this business for a while will tell you that the worst thing to do is give up on a potential client. If a customer has already shown interest in your business and its offer, it would be a mistake to let them go just because they didn’t make a purchase.

Remarketing efforts need to be persistent and personalized, so they can address the specific reasons that made the customer abandon your business without making a purchase. However, even these personal messages need to share the overall aesthetic of your brand.

The ability to change

All of this focus on creating and maintaining a brand can make it seem like your e-commerce company needs to remain constant at all times. This isn’t the case at all. Like with any other branding exercise, you need to leave yourself a chance to grow and expand your business if needed.

The main core of the business should remain the same as well as the story you’re trying to tell. Everything else, from customer experience to aesthetic, needs to be adaptable and change when the demands of the business require it.

Personal branding is of the utmost importance for an e-commerce business. It needs to be a part of a larger marketing strategy and come from the needs of your users. By making branding a priority for your business, you’re showing the customers that you’re there for their needs.

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