How Coronavirus Tracking Apps Takes Measures to Save People

With the pandemic taking strong roots and lockdown contributing to adverse impact on economies how Coronavirus tracking apps take measures to save people is interesting research. The research gets technical when a representative from the App Development Company joins in to analyze the situation.

Understanding the Market to Provide Benefits

The developed countries have all data of citizens available on a centralized system of government with technology access to those who get permission. The developing countries have data recorded with less accuracy, and the citizens are less technology literate and have minimal access to it in most cases. 

So an app developer of the developing country needs to work on different strategies as compared to the one from a developed country. A separate type of app for the local market needs to be built, which can be synchronized to global customers, subject to its feasibility later. Russia, China, and Singapore are working on the Corona tracking app and now South Africa has joined the bandwagon working to support their local market.

The following are the measures taken to save people from the adverse impact of COVID-19.

COVID -19 Individual Statuses

It should be kept in mind that people tested negative for coronavirus have fewer chances of catching it than those who are not tested at all. As many people can be silent carriers, while others might have symptoms later. By apps, those who have been tested will be separated from those who are not, saving the stress of not knowing the status of every person in public for local law enforcement authorities, organizations, and businesses.

There are apps that have used color differentiation interfaces to separate the health status of each person. Even when the internet speed is slow, taking time to load data, one can identify the status by the color. One of the apps has used the red color to depict self-isolation needed, the yellow color for those with status unknown but data recorded and green for healthy individuals that have been tested negative.

Only those apps will win the game that has easy to navigate interface with data entry easy for users.

Tracking and Isolation Support to Patients

As the patients tested positive will be segregated, so better support could be provided. This will help them in self-quarantine, if possible for them, or the healthcare professionals will be accessible to them. These apps will be able to save the time of doctors because those with minor symptoms could take necessary precautions to prevent it from getting severe.

The precautionary measures will also be updated by medical professionals in the app that will help the masses in getting the right data to stay strong and fight the virus. This will be a time and resource saver, as with growing cases being reported, now cities have less space in hospitals and more chances of death due to improper care facility.

Even the society, in general, is also willing to help, so through the app, the public will be able to support the people in close surroundings with necessary precautions that prevent their own selves from catching the virus.

Data Privacy Concerns Addressed

Many people have data privacy concerns due to which they are unwilling to share their details. This has made them choose between their health and the data. With technologies like blockchain, the data is available for evaluation and analysis without information of individual persons at risk of being breached. By having a strong framework on the end of app developers, unauthorized access to data can be prevented. On macro-level analysis, it will help the government and world to evaluate the impact of Coronavirus across the globe in a much better way. It will also help in rechecking and correcting the already existing data, for accuracy.

App Helping the Non-technical People

The developing countries have a limited ratio of internet access and smartphone availability, so countries like South Africa had to think out-of-the-box. The Startup from South Africa has used a printable QR code option that can be shown to get complete health status even when the person does not have a smartphone. They can print it and put them in the wallet, while they freely travel.

The verification of account happens through SMS, so data authenticity is also validated. The data is also revised after some time, requesting an update, so code remains the same while information updates.

Helping Those without Disease Carry-out Life

It should be noted that people who have a low risk of catching the virus, should be allowed to work and carry out everyday activities. With masks and gloves on and 6 feet distance; even the healthy people who might be a carrier of virus can not cause any harm.

With companies are facing a crisis in this pandemic staying at home has impacted the earning of those who are on daily wages, and also those who leave home for the need for everyday items. So, Coronavirus Tracking Apps can help in getting life back to a new normal.

Support in Data Authenticity

As through the app the authentic data are shared, so the tips and tricks will easily accessible and implementable to them.  And the local healthcare will know the status too, so better care could be taken. The organizations and businesses that will open in the future, as the people will die of hunger if lockdown continues for long; will also have an idea of every person they interact with.

They can keep a close check on symptoms of those they mingle every day and are not tested yet. It is much less labor to keep eye on few than everyone, so it will help them function better. 

 Most of the apps are in the prototype phase that will improve with time and feedback. But we are positive that it will be a great help to healthcare professionals, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and overall society being the change agent that we desperately need, to bring back to our normal routine.

If you are looking for someone that can solve a problem similar to this with years of experience at their hand, do go for a reliable app development company. This will reduce the prototype testing phase and make an app that is ready for the market early.

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