How to Become a Better Software Developer

Software development is a rewarding career path, and many software developers really enjoy what they do. Software developers create projects that benefit the client and their business both by helping forge a business identity and by leading to later financial returns. Many software developers are highly skilled in coding and business. There’s always room for improvement though, so here are some things you can try to become a better software developer.

1. Learn How to Communicate Effectively

This can be a difficult thing for some software developers. In an ideal world, clients would be able to tell you exactly what they needed and would provide developers with a fair completion date and fair pay. However, you have to be able to (respectfully) tell a client when a project is unreasonable. Clients may also not know exactly what they need from you. They’re often unaware of what the possibilities are, so learn how to explain what the software you develop has to offer. Help the client assess exactly how much they need and point them in the right direction. Have the communication skills it takes to make sure that your business transaction is fair to both sides.

2. Increase Your Network

More specifically, increase your social and work networks. Take some time to talk with other software developers and potential clients. Successful software developers always have a project to work on, if possible. The only way you can ensure continuous flow within your development business is to increase the number of developers and potential clients that you talk to. Other software developers may be able to help you find new clients that need a project they don’t have the skills for. You may also interact with potential clients for a while before they decide they need a particular project completed.

3. Learn New Code

Technology evolves at a constant, rapid rate. If you’re simply relying upon the code you learned years ago, there’s a chance your code will become obsolete at some point. You can try learning the code and experimenting with it on your own, or you can go back to school for a higher degree. If you’re struggling to determine how you can keep working as a software developer and gain coding skills, your best bet might be to study through a masters program online. Figure out a way to learn code without interfering with your business hours.

4. Experiment a Little

After learning new ways to code, don’t be afraid to use them. Figure out what is considered cutting-edge amongst clients. Don’t keep creating software that runs like it was written in the nineties, figure out more efficient ways to do things. Look at other people’s code when you can and keep efficiency and aesthetic appeal in mind. Don’t take risks you’re uncomfortable with because clients do not appreciate unanticipated failures. Clients do appreciate good surprises like a finished project that is better than they anticipated. Another way you can experiment is through keeping your mind sharp through side projects like bitcoin mining.

5. Stay Organized, Perform Better

Being a better software developer requires that you stay organized. Keep your workspace, paperwork, and projects consistent and easy to access. Your performance will be determined by your ability to complete projects on-time and how your client imagined them (or better). If your client notes and projects are disorganized, there’s a good chance your project won’t be done on time. When it is done, there’s a high chance it won’t have all the components the client asked for. Figure out a way to organize that works for you.

All of these tips will help you progress a little more than a software developer. Being a successful software developer is more than just coding or computer skills, you have to be extremely flexible and have the people skills necessary to communicate with a variety of people. Keeping this all in mind, upping your software development game not only means increased payoffs but ensures better projects and portfolios as well.

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