How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Promote Your Business

Digital marketing is the most effective marketing way in the modern world. All the major organizations across the world have completely shifted their marketing campaigns to digital platforms. Digital marketing, no doubt, is an effective marketing way and has a lot of potentials to help the businesses grow into bigger and better entities.

Social media marketing is one part of digital marketing and is quite efficient because of the wide attraction of social media for all ages and regions. Brands promote their products and services on social media channels to create awareness and also to increase their sales.

The channels included in the social media platform are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and a few more. There is a huge audience on these platforms and therefore, the reach of brands could be easily doubled and tripled up in no time.

All you need to do is implement the right and effective strategies according to each channel to make your marketing campaign result oriented. Instagram is currently one of the top marketing channels. Many international organizations have started using and the influences on the channel for their marketing campaigns.

However, on Instagram, the most important part of any effective marketing campaign is the use of hashtags. Without hashtags, you cannot increase your reach and target the right people. If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, use hashtags and you might even need to invest any money in marketing there at all. Following are the tips to ensure the use of the effectual hashtags.

Do your research for the relevant hashtag

There are millions of hashtags being used every day by different people and brands. You need to do research to check for the relevant tags according to the type and nature of your business.

The research will help you align all the effective and relevant tags that could be used to increase the reach of the post and your official account. Keep noting down all the hashtags that you find relevant to your business.

Ensure that the tag means what you think of it

Many times the hashtag is being used for a completely different reason in some part of the world, and we are unaware of it. Make sure that you individually check every hashtag and that it means the same as you think it to mean.

It is an important step because otherwise, you will continue to use it in your posts which will ruin the meaning of your post and brand as well.

Use at least 20 and maximum 30 tags

If you don’t put any hashtags in your captions, it is impossible that it will reach any audience more than those who actually follow your posts religiously.

Therefore, it is important to add maximum relevant hashtags to reach newer audience all across the world. You can use maximum 30 hashtags in one post and any more than that will completely delete your caption once the image or video is posted.

The minimum quantity of hashtags to use must be 20 and nothing less than that at any cost.

Use a different set of tags in every post

For every topic, you can easily find around 50 hashtags and you cannot use all of them in every post. Neither it is possible nor it makes and therefore, the more ideal way to use the hashtags and increase your reach is to make different sets of tags and every set must include tags on all the relevant topics regarding your business.

Use a different set in each post so that your page starts appearing in all the hashtags that are being used on the channel.

For example, if your business is of Resume writers online, the different relevant topics include resume, writing, online writing, job resume, and resume templates online. You will find numerous hashtags on each topic simply by adding supporting words.

Use the tags in your stories

If you do your research on the tags, you will find there is a story option for each of the hashtag and you can also add relevant tags in your stories.

That will make your story reach a wider audience. And if luckily, your story ends up in the story of any popular hashtag, your page will gain a lot of followers which will automatically increase your conversions.

You can use up to 10 tags in one story. However, make sure to not make the image or video look clutter. Hide the tags by either making it too small to be visible or set the color of the text to the background to make it invisible.

You can also put emojis, gifs, and stickers on the hashtag.

Use the hashtag in your bio

You can also add the tag in your page bio. That will make your page appear in the search results of the tag and more users will be able to come across and access it. It will automatically increase your reach and you will have a positive result on your sales as well.

Digital marketing is at an insane rise and there is no stopping to it. In digital marketing, social media platforms are being used the most due to budget-friendly and easy marketing. Instagram is an effective medium which you can use for your brand promotion by the usage of relevant hashtags. Discussed above are the ways in which you can make use of hashtags for your brand.

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