5 Great Date Ideas for the Romantic on a Budget

You are a romantic and you love to wine and dine her. However, you are on a budget. How can you impress your loved one without dropping a lot of money on a fancy dinner and a night out on the town? If you did that, you could easily spend a few hundred dollars in a matter of just a few hours. On the other hand, you could look for a few more creative ways to be romantic without spending a lot of money at all.

The following are five ways you can be romantic on a budget. Have you tried these yet?

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1. Take advantage of the water

Are you near a beach or lake? Pack a simple picnic lunch and spend the day at the water. Try to plan your evening so that you can see the sun go down, together. Bring along a blanket, a bottle of wine and some dessert to round the night out. She will love the attention you give her.

2. Go on a trip to nowhere

Plan a weekend of it. Just get in the car and drive. Stop wherever you want to along the route. You can stop to see attractions, as they seem to interest you. Since you will be alone, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other and talk about goals and thoughts without any pressure of deadlines or costs. Stop when you are hungry. Take advantage of the “what if” situations that will arise.

3. A romantic night in

Make it a night in, but make it a romantic night in. Rent an old, romantic movie. Then, make dinner for your loved one. The key is to make sure the food speaks for you. Choose foods that are luxurious and foods, you both love. Start a fire. Relax by the television. Watch a movie and keep all the lights off. You can easily just relax together and not think of anything too busy or overwhelming.

4. Call after dinner

Call after dinner, perhaps a few hours prior to bed. Ask to meet for a midnight snack at a local all-night diner. There does not have to be a reason, nor any benefit to the meeting. All you need to do is make it spontaneous for it to be fun and romantic all at the same time.

5. Create a secret date

Avoid talking about the date but rather be mysterious. Leave a note in her briefcase or send him a note in his lunch. Tell him to meet you someplace, but give just the address, not the name of the location. It could be just a park or even a special spot you both enjoy visiting. Be there, or leave another clue for another location, dropping a rose at each one.

These are just a few great ways to do something creative and romantic without spending a lot of money in the process. Romance does not need to be highly expensive, but it should be something you love to do together.

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