What is GPS and How to Use It?

Each modern smartphone is equipped with a GPS locator, and everybody knows that. However, most people cannot imagine how many opportunities GPS location gives. Nowadays, it is possible to use GPS tracking for different purposes, both commercial and personal. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn what GPS is and how this system can be used by ordinary people.

The Origin of GPS

GPS locators in our smartphones can be used for different purposes: to control a location of children (especially teenagers), to spy on our significant others, and to control employees in big companies. You can download one of modern, high-end GPS trackers at https://uboro.io to define for what purpose it can be used, but do you know anything about the origin of Global Positioning System itself? Probably not.

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Gps 760x501 What is GPS and How to Use ItGlobal Positioning System was created in the United States of America at the end of the 1970s. The very idea was to create a satellite system to use it for military purposes. However, in the middle of the 1980s, the American government decided to allow civilian use as well. Therefore, now each person may use GPS location to create its own map of visited places or to inform others about his/her location via special programs or geotags in social networks.

GPS is based on 24 satellites revolving around the Earth. Each of them sends a signal to our planet. At the same time, each device with a GPS locator has an embedded receiver of this signal. The information received from satellites in the coverage area of a particular device is processed to calculate its certain location. The very operation of this calculation has many parameters, but, in general, this process can be described as the comparison of time when the signal was sent from a satellite with the time of receiving it by a certain device. Signals from three different satellites in the coverage area are enough to calculate 2D position of the device including its latitude and longitude. The accuracy of GPS location is up to 13 meters; therefore, it can be considered as a very accurate way to define one’s location.

How to Use GPS Location with Uboro?

Uboro is an advanced GPS locator of the last generation. Certainly, the modern software market is full of different programs, but Uboro is a unique one. Uboro’s advantages are:

  • Real-time tracking with an exact address.
  • The opportunity of message exchange in a special ecosystem by Uboro.
  • The function of multi-maps tracking to locate several objects at once.
  • The opportunity to see fuel consumption and other characteristics of a car (if the program is installed on a special GPS tracker for vehicles).
  • The opportunity to install the program on different devices (smartphones and special trackers).
  • 90-days free trial.

Certainly, it is very difficult to believe that there can be something new in this field but Uboro unites the functions of a GPS locator, a fleet management program and a social network. Therefore, it’s worth testing during your free trial!

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