The Essentials of a Great Business Design

A skilled business owner can tell you that when are you looking to expand your business quickly that you might not be too concerned with cutting corners and instead will look into whatever way you can make sure that your business gets bigger. As time passes though, you may be in a period where you can look into cleaning up your business to make sure that everything is set-up well, even if you are looking over a large business now. Take consideration of these methods in which you’ll be able to make sure that the set-up of your business is better.

Physical Space

 Space Is It Really Working

Depending on the city your business is located in, the physical space that you are occupying can be a real resource that you can fix when you want to save a lot of money in the long run. First, look into what you can do when it comes to moving buildings or renting a smaller amount of space.

Many businesses in large cities will simply rent out floors or a specific amount of office space in skyscrapers so they have the advantage of being able to be located in the middle of a large city without having to pay for an entire building. If you’re running a large business that works using this type of space, you might have some redundant space that you’re still under contract for.

To use this space, look into your contract to see if there is a fee to renegotiate a new contract or that if you’re able to rent out space to someone else. For those that are able to renegotiate a contract for the space that they are renting out, consider putting the extra space out there for a small company to rent out.

Once a company grabs the space you aren’t using, you’ll be saving more money while not worrying about having space to fill. Ensure that you aren’t wasting money on physical space when you want to improve the set-up of your business.

Virtual Space

Whether your employees live close to your business or not, it’s a good idea to create a virtual space for your employees when they want to work from home. Creating a virtual space entails making sure that your employees can complete every work function that they would do in office without having to be there.

This can be done in different ways from either uploading remote desktop programs on every single office computer so they are simply able to control their work from home or create custom services in which employees can download what they have been working on and upload it again once they are finished.

If you’re thinking about going with this process, hire a team that can work with you to create a virtual space that will be constantly working.


Business Data

More companies than ever are using a large amount of data, whether it be stored in their very own servers or by a cloud-based solution. As you start to gather more data over time, you’ll have to spend more on this which can easily add up if you’re a company dealing with data that takes up a lot of storage, such as video.

When you want to save money on data, think about going through a process such as de-duplication in which you can get rid of all of the data that’s either duplicates or simply not needed through a unique process that will scan all of the data that you have to find matches.

Additionally, look into compression methods when you need to keep a large amount of data since you can generally always find a way to make sure that your data isn’t taking up as much space as it is currently. Ensuring that you are storing your data properly is a good way to make sure that your business set-up is as good as it can be.


If you’ve ever worked at many different large businesses before, you know that they can have issues with their scheduling.

Faulty scheduling means being bogged down by unnecessary meetings that take time out of an employee’s day in which they could be doing actual work. To make sure that you don’t run into any issues with scheduling at your business, first make sure that you have an open line of communication with every employee.

From there, have group conversations either through instant chat or email in which everyone can pitch in and talk about projects in ways that are necessary, but don’t need a meeting to get everyone together to hear about it.

Once you’ve hit different milestones on whatever project your business is currently working on, make sure that you then have a meeting as it would be a beneficial time for everyone. Applying the right schedule to your business is one of the most important parts of making sure that your business set-up is correct.

By following some or all of these principles, you’ll notice your business set-up getting better. Make sure that you listen to other business leaders in what they are doing to make their business run better as discoveries are made often. Ensure that you are always trying to improve the set-up of your business.

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