Essential Customer Service Tips for 2019

As technology becomes more and more integrated into every industry, consumers are coming to expect easier access to customer service.

While many people are comfortable using a self-service portal, speaking with a chatbot or interacting with virtual assistant technology, it’s important to keep a human element involved as well. For instance, while 59% of consumers would prefer customer service methods that don’t involve talking, 40% would prefer to speak over the phone if the issue is more complicated (such as a payment dispute).

It’s also important to consider the channels your customers frequently use for communication. For instance, 43% of millennials primarily use their mobile devices to contact customer service. Younger generations are also a fan of social media. Having a team or team member that regularly checks and responds to messages on social media can be crucial, depending on the industry.

Companies that embrace customer service best practices and make customer happiness a priority reap endless rewards. Customers will actually pay more to do business with companies that have a reputation for exceptional customer service!

Companies can also count on receiving positive reviews on public forums like Google and Yelp, attract new customers and retain the customers they currently have. Making customer service a priority is a large part of building brand loyalty and is an invaluable part of any holistic reputation management plan.

Nextiva created a visual that outlines some important customer service trends and tips any company can use to level up their customer service department. Follow these best practices and gain customers for life!

Essential Customer Service Tips

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