6 Effective Permanent Residency Elevator Pitches

The world of today is on the move. People are migrating in massive numbers like never before in history due to various reasons. Some of them are saddening, such as wars and poor economic conditions, while others leave their country in search of a better business opportunity, a college degree and even love. Whatever your reasons might be, there is one country that people often overlook when choosing their new homeland. You have to look down on the world map because Australia is a Land Down Under. It is not all about desserts, boomerangs, and kangaroos, as its major cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane offer a pretty decent standard of living, even for Western terms.

However, not anyone can just immigrate to Australia and start a new life there. In order not to come into confrontation with the law, you need to obtain a Permanent Residency visa. This type of visa allows you to legally reside, work and study in Australia as if you were a native citizen. The procedure of getting a PR visa is admittedly complex, but there are numerous benefits to it; of which we will list only the 6 most effective ones.

The ability to freely choose your profession

Migrant workers have a narrow scope of jobs that they can apply to, thus effectively being kept away from higher paying jobs. Apply for a Permanent Residency visa and getting it means that the entire Australian labor market will become open to you. Any employers would look kindly upon the fact that you have this visa so there will be obstacles to landing the dream job that you have worked for so hard. If that is your wish, you could even change profession as there are numerous courses promising how to become a renowned chef or a well-paid welder. You will even be entitled to apply for governmental jobs, and ironically enough, for a job at the migration office.

In fact, the only profession you will not be eligible for is the armed forces but few migrate with the intention to become servicemen. As far as the law is concerned, you have the same rights as an Australian citizen, so you will be able to join trade unions and sue the employer if they violate your labor rights.

Health care and social security

A permanent resident is by law entitled to health care. In Australia, both citizens and residents are part of a health insurance scheme called Medicare that is run by the government. This means that you will be admitted and treated at public hospital free of charge and that many of the medicines you need will be subsidized.

As far as social security goes, there is only one precondition to start receiving it beside your residential status. Namely, two years must elapse before you begin receiving social security benefits. These include benefits in the case of unemployment, student benefits, sickness pay etc. All of the benefits are provided by the Department of Social Services which handles social security issues as of 2013.

Legal help

As we have mentioned earlier, the law is on the side of a person who has a PR visa. You get the same rights as all Aussies but the path to this privilege is not easy. Firstly, there is the issue of getting all the necessary paperwork needed to apply for the visa. The legislation constantly changes, so you have to stay updated with the latest requirement. This is where migration agents in Sydney for example, come into play. They have the latest forms and other documentation necessary for a successful application. Secondly, immigration laws often overlap with Australian family or civil law, so you are going to need legal help even after acquiring a Permanent Resident visa. The Australian state provides you with numerous benefits but it is up to you to claim them!

Better education and travel opportunities

A permanent residentship allows you to pursue your educational goals within Australia’s schools and universities. You can enroll in the college of your choice and even apply for scholarships and student loans, so finances would not get in the way of getting an excellent education.

A residency implies a permanent visa for Australia so you can leave the country and return as many times as you like. You are also free to travel around Australia as much as you like. The only prerequisite for this travel benefit is the obligation to reapply for the visa five years after you have initially received. This subsequent application can be filed in either from within Australia or from abroad.

Friends and family

Another benefit to becoming a permanent resident is the fact that you can sponsor other candidates, such as your friends or family members. Of course, this is not an automatic right but you first have to pass much screening and provide support assurance. If you have children while living and working in Australia, they become an Australian citizen by birth. This means that they will have excellent schooling and labor possibilities from the kindergarten. They will not have to dabble with paperwork and immigration laws like their parent did. However, it is a bit ironic that your children will have slightly bigger rights in the eyes of the state than you.

High time to apply

The legislature is constantly changing but this change is more than offered the expense of prospective visa applicants. Namely, recent years have experienced a trend of decreasing the number of visas for families and skilled workers as Australia is getting “crowded,” sort to say. Things don’t mean that it is overpopulated, and considering its vastness it will never be, but all the good jobs are slowly being taken. Also, immigration has been geographically uneven, as the Outback needs more residents, while the big cities seem to be saturated with the inflow of migrant. This means that there is plenty of opportunities for newcomers to make it big in Australia.

Getting a permanent residency is still the most reliable way to become an Australia. Having the same travel, labor and educational right as the rest of the citizens, a visa grantee knows that he or she have made the right choice by applying.

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