Dynamics 365 Wave 2 is here, AI and Mixed Reality in Focus

In this article, we will talk about major updates on Mixed reality and AI in wave 2 update.

The 2019 release Dynamics 365 wave 2 brings all innovations offering significant capabilities to enhance your business.

The changes to Dynamics 365 apps include a list of new features throughout the business process applications:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Talent
  • Field Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail
  • Project Service Automation
  • Business Central

What is included in Dynamics 365 applications?

Dynamics 365 Commerce – This new business process app is now available since October 2019. Dynamics 365 Commerce app is built on Retail capabilities to act as an omnichannel solution to bring call center, back-end, in-premise, and online experience altogether.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource – The app is designed for HR professionals as they can avail the workforce insights for creating data-driven employee experiences throughout multiple areas. It connects operations data and people so that companies can optimize the cost of the workforce and provide better attention to the employees. This app is available for use from December 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics 365 Wave 2 is here, AI and Mixed Reality in Focus: Artificial Intelligence

The 2019 release wave 2 brings new capabilities of AI which assist companies in enhancing their sales, marketing functions, and customer service.

Sales Insights

It allows sales teams to have deep foresight to enhance productivity and anticipate results throughout the lifecycle of the sales process.

Customer service insights

It provides actionable insights into performance metrics, operational data, and future trends with the help of artificial intelligence.

Customer insights

Using customer insights, companies are able to understand customer data and avail of all relevant insights and actions.

Market Insights

Companies can use market insights to get data on customer interaction, search and feedback about their products and services.

Fraud protection

Ecommerce store owners are able to protect themselves against fraud. They can use fraud protection to boost bank acceptance rates for higher revenue and deliver a better shopping experience to the online user.

What’s new in AI apps?

There are two extra AI apps coming in wave 2:

  1. Product insights – Product insights app enables companies to introduce changes to their product development, marketing, sales, and support processes by acting on real-time data related to customer experience and usage.
  2. Connected Store – This app allows merchants with the physical stores to have actionable insights by using data via cloud-connected sensors.

Mixed Reality

Wave 2 adds a new set of experiences to enhance the productivity level of the employees using mixed reality:

  • D365 Remote Assist – The app allows technicians to solve issues faster than the first attempt.
  • D365 Layout – The app offers a different way for space planners to introduce designs from concept to completion with immense speed and confidence.
  • D365 Product visualizes – The app allows sales teams to explain what their products can do and why they are better, to their customers by leveraging the AR power through mobile devices.
  • D365 Guides – The app acts like a mixed-reality app for MS HoloLens which allows employees to grasp in the workflow by offering holographic guidelines when and where it is required by them.

The key investment areas for the 2019 release Wave 2

Simple marketing

With simplified sign-ups, it would be possible to streamline the other products by focusing on popular scenarios. The processes are now not complicated, Microsoft has expelled extra clicks, and introduced small enhancements that help make marketers’ lives simpler.

Personalized marketing

The system helps marketers in designing impactful content without many efforts. Marketers are allowed to conduct powerful experiments with a few clicks with A/B testing. It is now possible with the robust platform that large scale companies can customize their marketing tactics to run independently for each single business unit.

Connected business apps

Sales teams are interested in marketing-powered insights that allow them to dive into details to develop a deep understanding of their customers, for instance replying to emails.

Microsoft is also giving a face-lift to the Power BI user interface to make it look more similar to Office 365, and news reporting, data-curation features and changes to Q&A natural language query feature. The company also shared a preview of the latest Power platform feature, I.e. AI builder. AI builder is a low code or no code tool used for automating processes more easily and predicting results related to business performance. AI Builder is directly integrated within Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Officials from Microsoft dynamics 365 partners have shared that they are planning to make blockchain tools available to both Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Do you think these updates will give a new landscape to dynamics 365 development? Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts for the same.

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