Discover How WordPress Changed the Web Design Realm for the Better

The history of web design cannot be completed without the mention of WordPress and what has been its role in shaping millions of websites that are based on this platform. With more than 60 million sites using WordPress, as of 2019, it is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) right now. But the start of WordPress was not that smooth.

WordPress can be termed as the Game Changer when it comes to offering Design as well as functionality. While there were other CMS available, WordPress Offered something new to the users and instantly captured the market.

Let me give you a quick recap of how WordPress has evolved during the last decade and its contribution to the web design realm. 

How has WordPress Helped Web Design to Evolve?

While WordPress was not only the first CMS to hit the market, it was certainly the best product, and quickly it gained the lion’s share of the market. Drupal and PHPNuke were the two CMS working in the early 2000s. But with the launch of WordPress, everything changed for the better with the landmark moment came in 2005 when WordPress 1.5 was released. 

WordPress 1.5 was blessed with a new default theme, and that was how websites have started to think of incorporating web design to attract their visitors. The default theme named Kubrick offered nothing extraordinary but in terms of design, it was certainly Revolution for the designers. It was not possible to use customization to create a web page that can be customized according to a company’s requirements.

For the Web design and development, Kubrick was a game-changer as they were able to come up with a great design without compromising on anything. And the best part; it was not expensive at all as compared to the other solutions that were available in the market at that time.

The Revolution Worked Big Time

From that Landmark moment in 2005, WordPress started the domination in the CMS field, and that’s why it is still considered the leader. Offering amazing web design facilities by offering various themes, WordPress was able to attract designers worldwide in their bid to create a great web design and with ease.

The open-source nature of WordPress started a new marketplace for themes and plugins that can be easily installed in the browser. Web Designers got a new way to design pages more efficiently and were a great starting point in terms of offering their customers a great deal of comfort and peace of mind. 

What are the Current Design Features in WordPress?

We all know how design is important for the success of any website, and WordPress is one way to make sure designers, a well as businesses, can benefit from it. New trends, tools, and software are released all the time and so it is necessary to know about them and how to incorporate them into your design.

For anyone looking for great web design, creating designs simple switching themes inside the WordPress. It became easy even for a newcomer in this field to come up with a design and layout that can work for them without having full expertise in this field. Of course, for a professional-looking design, you may need the assistance of a web design company that can offer you great support in this concern. 

WordPress themes are a great way to start working on a project and save your time and money. To cut things short, if you are a newbie, you can start a website right away, even if you don’t have some experience in designing websites. WordPress is like a savior to anyone looking for an online presence, and a well-designed one, to start things off on a high note. 

A Great Way to Make Things Work for you

Web design is not something that is like a calculation so that you can get precisely what you need in the first attempt. Even in the best designs that you will look in awe will be just average in the eyes of another person as he may be looking at it with another perspective. New trends in design like minimalist design and use of full-screen background images become a rage for some time and then die out. 

So, how WordPress can help designers and anyone looking for cool web design? Read on. 

Design evolves with time, and WordPress offers you customized themes and plugins so that any new trend in design or the introduction of a tool can be taken care of. A WordPress theme is always separate from a site’s content so it’s easy to make changes as and when anything is required to be changed. In the early days on the web, redesigning was considered a tough job which can now be done by just switching themes inside the WordPress dashboard. 

The process may take some time if you want to get your design perfect, but the process is much more efficient as compared to earlier days. Run your imagination wild, and you can get a design that can work well for any industry and product. Think of any layout and design and a senior designer can get you what you need; there isn’t anything WordPress can’t offer you. 

Home Page and Landing Page Design

One of the most important ones, the design of these two pages, can attract visitors to no end. Businesses look for a design that can captivate, especially first-time visitors so that they stay on their websites for some time. Applying the minimalist and material design look can get the desired result with lots of white space.  

If you are looking for a well-designed page with virtually unlimited options at your disposal, WordPress will be your savior. For designers and businesses alike, the future also looks promising as new versions of WordPress will offer themes and plugins to suit any need. 

Final Word

Just like the present, the future also belongs to WordPress, as millions of websites rely on its features. If you haven’t tried it for your blog or business portal, either way, you will find it truly satisfying.

I have tried to include the basic information about how design can be enhanced and easily incorporated through WordPress. If you think you can add something valuable in this concern or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome.

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