Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

Remote control Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

Everywhere you look in modern life you’ll see a remote control. Televisions, Xboxes, Cars- they’ve all got them. None of these are particularly cool, but remote controls from the movies tell a different story. They’ll let you control pretty much anything, from your own life to a fighting robot!

The Life Control, Click

Adam Sandler - Click

We’ll start with the obvious choice. The remote control featured in Click looks and works just like a universal remote for operating all the electrical equipment in your home. However this remote is a bit cooler, as it allows architect Michael Newman (played by Adam Sandler) to control his own universe. This means he can rewind, pause and fast forward his entire life. A pretty cool gadget to have.

It’s not all good for Michael Newman though. He becomes overly reliant on the controller, and he loses control of it. In fact it begins to control him. What a deep and powerful message…

Dropship, Aliens

Dropship Aliens Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

If there’s one lesson to be learned from Aliens, It’s that it is clearly better to fly dropships by remote control. This is because the pilots of the first dropship sent to bring the survivors back to the Sulaco are killed by a crafty alien stowaway, which causes it to crash. The android Bishop has no such problems though, as he pilots the second dropship down to the survivors via remote control. Job done.

BMW 7-Series, Tomorrow Never Dies

Bmw 7 series 45 600x450 Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

You can always rely on James Bond films to come up with some pretty cool gadgets, and the remote control BMW 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies is up there with the best of them. Q struggles to use the remote control flip device to operate the car, but of course James Bond has no such problems. Being able to drive from the back seat is pretty handy when you’re being chased by a load of angry henchmen. The remote even has a control to fire the vehicles rocket launchers! This really is the daddy of all remote controlled cars.

Humans, Gamer

Gamer 600x756 Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

What can top a remote control BMW with rocket launchers? A remote controlled human perhaps? It sounds bizarre, but this is pretty much the entire premise for the film Gamer, starring Gerard Butler. It’s set in the future where humans can control their fellow man in mass multi-player online video games. Think Call of Duty but with real people.

Fighting Robots, Real Steel

Flying Robots 299x400 Cool Remote Controlled Stuff From The Movies

This is the most recent entry on the list, and it’s another film set in the future. If you’re a boxing fan you might be sad to know that according to this film there’ll be no more man to man bouts by 2020. Don’t panic though, because there’s going to be robot boxing instead, which actually sounds a lot more fun. The robots are programmed to mirror the movements of their owners, so essentially their whole body becomes the remote control for their fighting machines.

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