How to Get a Good Score on Google PageSpeed Insights (For WordPress Users)

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a renowned website performance tool launched by Google to help website owners easily identify ways to enhance their website performance by following the given recommendations.

Google PageSpeed Insights tool provides a score of 0-100 on the basis, how good your site is performing on a set of certain metrics for both desktop and mobile users.

Although it is possible to score 100 out of 100 in Google PageSpeed Insight yet we would advise you should not obsess over the score.

100% score is not possible in all scenarios as it also depends on how your WordPress is set up. Sometimes, because of a multipurpose theme and external plugins used on a WordPress site, it is difficult to achieve a perfect 100.

In this tutorial, we will take a look at some most common warnings and suggestions from Google PageSpeed Insights tool by working on which you can get a good score.

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Steps for Creating WordPress Mobile App Child Theme

The WordPress platform has attracted developers who want the competition for a reign of the app or website in their hands and run them independently. If you do not like the existing or the default theme, you can very easily customize your app according to your desired theme based on your choice.

The knowledge of HTML, PHP and/or CSS, helps to achieve this effortlessly. However, while customizing your WordPress theme, you may be tempted to it directly by adding or changing files in the folder of the current theme. This can be problematic as any modification made in this manner will be lost once the theme is updated.

You then have to choose between keeping the theme updated (not updating can risk security) or losing your customizations while updating (all hard work has gone).

In such a situation, the ideal option is to use a child theme for mobile app development, using which you can make any number of changes to the WordPress mobile app without disturbing any of the original theme files.

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Top WordPress theme Development Trends to opt in 2018

Top WordPress theme Development Trends to opt in 2018

There is no denying fact that WordPress is considered as the king of web development industry as it owns 27% of the websites present on the web. WordPress is a highly user-friendly CMS that makes it simpler for novice website administrators to make minute updates to their sites like blog posts and text changes. WordPress provides a huge library of plugins to its users making it totally customizable to any web development needs. All WordPress websites are designed in a way that they are fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

If you are planning to start a business or create a new site with WordPress in 2018, then here are some trends that you should look forward. 2018 is going to become a very special year for WordPress.

The CMS is going to turn 15 this year and it is going to come up with the biggest updates to the software since 2014 i.e. WordPress 5.0. Following this update, what kind of update you will be witnessing this year. Let’s have a glimpse.

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