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Ready For The Future? – 60 Amazing Responsive Themes For WordPress

Now, if you own a WordPress blog, what I have here is a hand crafted collection of Responsive WordPress Themes. These are the next generation RWD oriented WordPress themes. That means your site will be accessible and compatible to many major mobile devices as well as desktops, pretty much “One Design Fits All”.

Top 10 Firefox Add-on for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool and Firefox is the most amazing browser. Now what would happen if these two powerful tools work together? It will simplify the job being an active blogger. This post will introduce with these amazing Firefox add-ons that works hand to hand with WordPress

Lazy Blogger's guide to Super Charge WordPress with 100+ Plugins

Mission of this post is guiding you to discover the most useful, smart and efficient plugins for WordPress. These plugins will let you concentrate more about writing your content rather than spending time over managing the blog.

How to style the latest post in WordPress

How to display the latest post on your blog in a different style. You will often find blogs that shows the latest post in a different color or applied different CSS tags. Basically you need to Inject some code inside wordpress post listing generation loop. The Loop is used by WordPress to display each of your posts.