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How to use different header for categories and pages in WordPress

How to use different header for different categories and pages in wordpress. Don’t you come across situations like you need to implement multiple header types for different categories? I’m sure you do. Here is a simple yet effective solution to work out the issue to implement multiple header types for different categories now uses Facebook Connect social network api integrates social network library "Facebook Connect". Enables users to securely login to using their esxisting account.

How to Change WordPress Permalinks without affecting Google

you can easily upgrade your structure from WordPress Admin options but all the links indexed by google wont be able to land on the proper topics. So how you fix this issue. I've done some research on it and found out there is an excellent plugin that does the job seamlessly. It's written by, it's called the Permalinks Migration Plugin for wordpress. Just Install as usual and activate it and it will do the rest of the job.

How to fix wordpress 2.6 dashboard to have incoming Technorati Links

How to fix wordpress 2.6 dashboard to get incoming Technorati Links. From wordpress 2.3 onwards the administration dashboard displays google blog search incoming links. Which is not always to the point and also not updated frequently. Lot of us suffers possibly because we are so used to look for incoming links to our blog from Technorati, which is more accurate, updated and to the point. I was looking for a possible solution in google, found a few, namely from Soft Tech Reviews. Soft Tech Reviews described the situation related to wordpress 2.3.xx. I was studying it and I found out the structure for fetching the blog incoming links has been changed dramatically in Wordpress 2.6, now it's more object oriented code and the fetch RSS codes doesn't stay in /wp-admin/index-extra.php , it actually uses index-extra.php to call the object from /wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php.

WordPress 2.5 – The Upgrade Resources

Now you might be excited and obviously worried about the upgrade process on the road to wordpress 2.5 but it's not a prime time to upgrade it.. Just take your time, download it, do the testing on your local server (you can use EasyPHP, XAMPP or WAMP for testing), test out your themes and check which plugins are not working. Here is some links to shorten your research about upgrading

WordPress 2.3 Tag Support for Windows Live Writer

It's fun and easy to make blog posts from Windows Live Writer. Now is supports a wide range of popular blogging platforms including WordPress 2.3. However the support to post tags while blogging is not enabled by default. Wordpress 2.3 has built in tag support similar as Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin for wordpress. There are something needed to be done to enable the support to add tags while you post blog entries from Windows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer (WLW) uses an XML manifest file to determine what features a blog supports. By default it does a good job supporting WordPress without a manifest file, but that doesn't include support to mt_keywords (tagging) in XML-RPC methods. The included manifest file turns on tagging support in WLW.

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