Social Media

Generally speaking, social media refers to websites and applications that focus on communication, community input, interaction, and content-sharing.

Social Media and Its Effect on the Modern Society Featured

Social Media and Its Effect on the Modern Society

Social media is a medium where a group of channels is present. These channels interact, share content, and collaborate. Examples of social media include Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. These tools affect the perception of our society directly and indirectly.

Social media is considered as the fastest growing medium in the world. People of almost every age group not only use social media platforms but are addicted to it. It would not be wrong to say that social media has a very strong impact on the human beings in the modern world.

It is safe to say that if you want to change a person’s point of view or perspective, social media is the right tool to use for it.

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How You Can Grow Your Social Media Following with Email Marketing

A good marketing strategy is a finely tuned machine where all the different mechanisms interlock and work together to deliver the optimal results for your business. Unfortunately, for many businesses, their marketing strategy isn’t a smooth operation. All-too-often their marketing efforts are disjointed and haphazard with no unifying strategy across the various marketing channels.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

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5 Actionable Tips on Startup and How Twitter Helps in 2019

Are you a start-up owner? If yes, then you must be scratching your head to figure out that one killer strategy to change the game. Are you into social media marketing, looking for path-breaking ideas to make a difference in revenue generation? Well, I think you’re up for grabbing the best start-up marketing strategies of 2019, highlighting the pivotal role of Twitter in this context.

Do you know the total number of monthly active users on Twitter was 326 million? If we are to consider the stat, there’s no wonder your start-up will reach a new height of profitability in the future, even though you are successful in targeting 50% of the monthly users on Twitter. Are you eager to know how? Here’s something for you.

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Get the Most from Instagram Hashtags by Knowing the Latest Updates

Social media is always evolving, and it is, therefore, no surprise that Instagram has gone through some changes in 2018 by incorporating new tools and features besides adding a whole new video channel. While these are exciting developments that marketers must familiarize with quickly, they must keep paying attention to the use of Instagram hashtags which are still most important for grabbing eyeballs by ensuring engagement. Engagement is important because it has a direct link to the number of active Instagram followers who contribute to brand success. A single hashtag in an Instagram post can boost engagement by 12.6% as compared to posts that do not have hashtags. It highlights the importance of creating a hashtag strategy for your Instagram posts.

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Blending Social Media with Customer Service… the Outcome?

We have entered 2019 and successfully completed the first month yet it’s still amazing to hear there are still companies out there with little to no active social customer service at all. And no, contacting brands on social media only to be passed on to the sales team does not come under social customer service.

So, if you too are among those paying little attention to your social media profile, it’s time to think again because you are missing out on something big here. Let’s check out some facts here.

The number of internet users grew out to 4.021 billion last year which is up by 7% as compared to 2017. Out of this, 3.196 billion were actively involved in social media which is up by 13% as compared to 2017. Now, that’s quite a lot of customers and would-bes if you ask me, summing up to that many wasted opportunities.

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