Inspiration for a New Online Endeavor

Inspiration for a New Online Endeavor

Let’s be real: If everyone had the opportunity to be their own boss, to set their own hours and do exactly what they wanted for a living then the world would be full of entrepreneurs. The difference, though, is that although it’s a nice dream, not everyone dares to pursue it — which is what makes you an exception. Running a business, no matter what kind, it takes a lot of guts and more courage than you probably knew you had. Whether you’re considering starting an online business or are in the infant stages of beginning one, think about what might be good to know before diving in headfirst with no idea how to swim.

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Trendy Home Office Ideas to Make 2020 More Productive

Trendy Home Office Ideas to Make 2020 More Productive

As we’re counting down the last days of this year, it’s time to think about what the future will bring to us. While it’s not easy to predict what’s going to happen in every aspect of our life, there are some things we can be pretty sure about, such as interior design trends. With interior designers all over the world constantly on a lookout for better and more efficient solutions, which should help us improve the way we live and work, we can already guess what 2020 will bring in terms of interior design, especially when it comes to home offices. They are becoming increasingly popular as the number of people working from home is constantly rising, which is why we need to listen to experts who can help us. So, what are they saying?

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Magento vs Shopify: a Side-by-Side Comparison

Magento vs Shopify_ a Side-by-Side Comparison

Magento and Shopify, Capuleti and Montecchi. The two sides that always seem to compete, causing e-commerce observers to write the never-ending guides on choosing between the two.

Even though Magento and Shopify serve slightly different needs, entrepreneurs still manage to hesitate between the two. In this article, we will have a closer look at each and see their pros and cons.

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The Importance of a Good Logo and What Makes One

The Importance of a Good Logo and What Makes One

You have all heard the old proverb: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Like any other good proverb, this one is entirely true. Humans are visual beings. It takes them no more than a tenth of a second to form an opinion about some unfamiliar person simply by looking at the stranger’s face. As unfair as this jumping to conclusions is, the research says that longer exposure can’t drastically alter those impressions.

Once we move the conversation in the business playing field, things change very little. This time, though, instead of the face, consumers judge the company’s logo and bad impressions can’t be reversed with a couple of charming gestures.

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Secrets to Increasing Your Productivity: Lighting

Secrets to Increasing Your Productivity : Lighting

The general environment in which we work has fundamental impacts on productivity levels. Distractions such as noise, games, or internet social sites and activities are not the only hindrances to good performances. Many factors contribute to how fast, efficiently, and accurately that you can work.

One of the environmental factors that determine productivity is the lighting. Even though many may not think of it as an issue, it is apparent in corporate office building designs that are open to intense light. Various studies indicate that there is a deep relationship between illumination and individual productivity levels. 

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