3 Ways to Make Your Office a Zen Sanctuary

Ways to Make Your Office a Zen Sanctuary

Tired of rise-and-grind philosophy? Looking for a mantra that digs deeper than “keep calm and carry on”? Us, too.

While the zaniness that is 21st-century life makes us want to check out in favor of a cabin in the middle of woods—zero cell reception, please—we know that’s not entirely reasonable. So, as the world grows louder, busier and far too focused on the hustle, it looks like we’re going to have to DIY our own havens.

See ya, double shot espresso with foam. We’re finding a new way to start the day. Let’s start with some Eastern zen spirituality and follow through with a few tweaks to your office workstation. Keep reading for how to transform your office into the Zen sanctuary of your dreams.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe While Blogging from the Road

Ways to Keep Your Data Safe While Blogging from the Road

Running your own blog gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. It’s definitely a dream come true for many people!

However, working from different locations can expose you to heightened cybersecurity threats. Hackers may target your site and steal the information for their personal gain. They may add malicious codes to your blog, which could get your site blacklisted or expose your visitors to cyber-attacks. You may have become the target yourself when hackers target your computer while blogging or working on a public Wi-Fi network.

Here’s how to keep your blog visitors and your own data safe while blogging from the road:

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Migration From AngularJS to Angular: Common Misconceptions

Migration From AngularJS to Angular Common Misconceptions

AngularJS enjoyed a lot of popularity in the web app development industry for quite some time. However, this open-source front end development framework eventually became a bit obsolete. With the release of Angular 2, Google fixed the challenges posed by AngularJS. They presented the Angular ecosystem with an improved framework for web apps, especially for single-page applications. While most app owners were quick to adopt migration from AngularJS to Angular, many of them are reluctant to make the move.

Angular migration myths are one reason why many web app owners haven’t considered upgrading AngularJS to Angular. In this article, I will highlight the common misconceptions about migration to Angular and why these myths aren’t true.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Space to Boost Productivity

Ways to Upgrade Your Office Space to Boost Productivity

Employee productivity is one of the most important contributors to the development of any business, big or small. Although difficult to quantify, it’s considered to be the formula for success, like a secret potion that lets companies achieve not only that which is realistic but much, much more.

It’s no wonder, then, that everyone wants to be productive. The concept lends itself to a utopian scenario in which any single person can make the absolute most of their work hours. Whether the idea is to increase production, boost creativity, or speed up problem-solving, it sure would be nice to achieve more with less.

The connection between physical space and productivity isn’t new, either. It’s been studied in the past several decades, throughout a period that coincides with the rise of the average worker’s productivity. In short, scientists have found that the efficiency with which we work does not have as much to do with self-discipline. Instead, it greatly depends on external factors, including wall color or room temperature, along with the state of our physical and mental health.

So, if your goal is to increase efficiency among your employees, it’s best to start with the things that have been proven to boost productivity. This will mean focusing on employee satisfaction, but also accepting the fact that less might be more.

In terms of your office space, you’ll find that it shouldn’t be too difficult to upgrade. But, any of these changes can only be effective if the company culture is given equal attention as the physical changes you’re about to make.

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