Why User Experience is Crucial for the Success of Mobile Applications

Why User Experience is Crucial for the Success of Mobile Applications

We live in a time where more and more of our interactions occur online. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses and entrepreneurs to not only develop an online presence, but it’s also important that they break into the world of mobile applications.

It’s not hard to understand why. According to research by comScore, in 2016 more than 65 percent of users preferred mobile applications to their desktop counterparts.

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Effects of Technology on Productivity in an Office Environment

Technology has significantly impacted the way we work, boosting productivity in many ways. From improving how we communicate to increasing connectivity of staff and allowing you to track and analyze performance, there are several technological solutions that can increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Let’s look at how technology has advanced workflow and productivity in the office environment over the years.

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AI in Content Strategy and Marketing


Machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence programs, and other self-learning innovations have taken root in our society. And while content marketers, advertisement agencies, and content creators have nothing to fear from AI, they still pose to change we perceive marketing.

Studies have shown that AI equipped with big data can make astonishing claims and decisions that would take humans days to come up with. Implementing AI into content strategies in order to maximize reach and conversion rates has always been the idea of marketing pioneers.

However, is AI sufficiently advanced to carry out these demanding tasks or is it still lacking in certain departments? What can we expect from AI, machine learning, and their introduction into everyday marketing activities in the near future?

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How Chatbots and AI Impact Customer Education?


Have you ever experienced this situation? You have to contact customer service of a company you’re using, so you go to their website and click on the little pop-up window asking if you need to speak with someone about the company’s services.

For some time, you may think that there is a real person answering your questions but in reality, the first questions are answered by a chatbot (depending on the nature of the query, a chatbot can answer most questions).

Many industries benefitted from the advent of this AI-powered technology, including online business. Although chatbots can’t handle all customer queries, they can be useful for many routine queries that comprise a large share of customer service requests.

It’s safe to assume that chatbots will be increasing in popularity because of their ability to prevent minor customer service issue and ensure that customers’ requests are answered.

So, let’s get to know them better and what they can do to improve customer education.

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How to Get a Good Score on Google PageSpeed Insights (For WordPress Users)

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a renowned website performance tool launched by Google to help website owners easily identify ways to enhance their website performance by following the given recommendations.

Google PageSpeed Insights tool provides a score of 0-100 on the basis, how good your site is performing on a set of certain metrics for both desktop and mobile users.

Although it is possible to score 100 out of 100 in Google PageSpeed Insight yet we would advise you should not obsess over the score.

100% score is not possible in all scenarios as it also depends on how your WordPress is set up. Sometimes, because of a multipurpose theme and external plugins used on a WordPress site, it is difficult to achieve a perfect 100.

In this tutorial, we will take a look at some most common warnings and suggestions from Google PageSpeed Insights tool by working on which you can get a good score.

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