Building a Popular Mobile Wallet App Essential Features

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  1. All e-wallets have specific algorithms of encrypting sensitive data, such as your name, bank account information, credit card number, etc. Nobody sees this information, because even during the transaction a unique code is generated and personal data is not used..

  2. I’m seeing an increase in mobile wallet app for my country on the google play store and I use quite a few of them. Guess I will now have to be cautions of these features while using these apps onward.

    On an off topic…

    Your blog looks gorgeous, what theme are you using for your website, if you don’t mind. =)

    1. Hi Emmanuel, thanks for your comment. Sorry for the late reply. Here in Malaysia, we have more than 8 major e-wallet players.
      In another note: I am using the GeneratePress theme, the fastest and more efficient WordPress theme (tested by myself between many other themes).

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