Best Windows Freeware – Graphics Applications

Graphics Software

  1. Cinepaint – Image editor geared for video production.
  2. Delineate – Raster to Vector converter. Nice
  3. Dogwaffle – Natural painting application similar to Open Canvas. It limited, but pretty full featured at the same time.
  4. EZThumbs – Batch thumbnail creator.
  5. Artweaver – image editor
  6. FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer
  7. JoJoThumb – create thumbnails from images
  8. iWebAlbum – create web photo albums
  9. JAlbum – create web photo albums
  10. 3D Box Shot Maker – design quality box shot
  11. Flame – Fractal Flames are algorithmically generated images and animations
  12. Fractal-Explorer – Fractal generator with landscape and script lib.
  13. Gimpshop – Gimp restructured like Photoshop. Very nice and you only need install this one file as opposed to Gimp’s GTK lib install. If your a Photoshop junky like me this will fit nice into your tools and may save you money down the road.
  14. Google Picasa – Download your images directly from your digital camera, share and organize photos on and off line, edit and print, post on-line, or create a CD. You can chat about your photos through Picasa also with Hello and works with Google blogger.
  15. Hugin – Panorama Tools – Make panoramic photos out of normal images.
  16. Inkscape – Illustration (vector) application, similar to Illustrator. The interface may be friendlier to an Adobe person than Sodipodi. Get the latest win32.exe installer here. Highly recommended.
  17. Irfanview – Photo manager with some editing and plugin ability.
  18. XnView – Another Cool Photo manager with some editing.
  19. Paint.Net – Cool Photoshop like application.
  20. JetPhoto Studio – A full-featured digital photo organizer and Web publisher
  21. PicaJet Free Edition – Simple, yet magnificently equipped and powerful digital photo album exposing a rich set of features and plenty of those “small touches” that provide a really big impact!
  22. Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook – Nifty little tool from Adobe for uploading your photos to your Facebook photo albums.
  23. Flickr Uploader for Windows – Convenient tool to upload batch of photos to your flickr account.
  24. Pencil – Pencil is an animation/drawing software that lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Pencil is free and open source.
  25. Serif Software – Several FREE apps – Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Image and Photo Editing, 3D Animation, Web Publishing
  26. The Gimp 2 – Very much like Photoshop, tons of great plugins including a Flame fractal generator! Highly recommended.
  27. Xaos – Fractal generator.
  28. PhotoScape – Excellent free software for your photo needs. A must have tool.
  29. Windows Photo Gallery – A free software from Microsoft to manage all your photo library

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