Best Windows Freeware – 3D Applications


3d Applications

  1. 3D Canvas – 3D animation, modeling, rendering.
  2. Anim8or – 3D animation, modeling, rendering.
  3. BRL-CAD – The BRL-CAD package is a powerful Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system with over 20 years development and production use by the U.S. military. Visit the project page for downloads.
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  5. Blender 3-D – 3D modeling, design/illustration, animation, game development. I like to call it the Free Maya 3-D! Highly recommended.
  6. SketchUp – 3D modeling designer from Google
  7. BlockCAD – BlockCAD is a freeware program for building virtual models with Lego-like bricks.
  8. DAVIDLaserscanner – DAVIDLaserscanner is too cool not to mention! DAVID-Laserscanner is freeware software for 3d laser range scanning. All you need to build a 3d scanner is a PC, a camera (e.g. a webcam), a background corner, and a laser that projects a line onto the object you want to scan. So everyone can use it to scan objects without high costs.
  9. Dusty – Dusty is a nice real-time 3D Smoke Simulator. Allows real-time smoke and fire.
  10. Freyja – Freyja 3d is a modeller and animator focusing on low polygon game content with wide range of model import/export plugins. Freyja has some unique features such as Lua macros, tools for reverse engineering, and use of GLSL shaders while editing.
  11. GSculpt – gSculpt is an open source, procedural subdivision modeller. It has a comprehensive set of polygon modelling tools, including most of those found in Wings 3D, and more.
  12. Gcad3D – 3D CAD design.
  13. Ivy Generator – Creates realistic ivy, including leaves.
  14. K-3D – 3D animation, modeling, and rendering application. Uses multiple rendering engines including the renderman engine; Aqsis. Also see Yafray and Povray.
  15. MegaPOV – MegaPOV is a custom unofficial version of POV-Ray with a lot of additional features.
  16. Moonlight/3D – 3D illustration, modeling, etc. A little easier learning curve than Blender.
  17. OpenFX – 3D design, illustration, and modelling application.
  18. Planet Genesis – Terragen clone – creates 3D landscapes, planets, etc.
  19. PoseRay – So Nice! Poser like software, but much more with lots of 3D file support. Also see DazStudio
  20. QCad – Autocad application.
  21. Shapeshop – 3D modeling application that is a sketch-based 3D modeling tool for creating procedural hierarchical implicit volume models, also known as “BlobTrees”, basically metaballs.
  22. SharpConstruct – D modeling program that paint depths on to polygon models in real-time. Like Z-Brush. Is being adding into Blender 3-D!
  23. Sketch It Up – 3D design, illustration, and modelling brought to by Google.
  24. Sketchboard – CAD software. 3D
  25. Truespace 3.1 – 3D modeling, designillustration, animation, game development. I’ve used this since version one, nicest 3D app next to Cinema 4D. You must register for the free serial number.
  26. UVMapper – Map textures to 3D objects.
  27. Wings3d – Wings 3D is a 3D subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware.

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