Best UX & UI Mobile App Design Practices To Watch Out In 2018

Mobile apps are the need of the hour these days. These are considered as the mainstream that delivers quality services to the users to cater their specified needs. To maintain the mobile apps from the design and user experience point of view, it is mandatory to know about the proven UX UI app design tips.

You must be thinking that design is what looks and feels from outside. But, you never know that there are lot more efforts and design practices that designers put to frame a competitive and intuitive mobile app. One can consider UX & UI design of a mobile app as a result of hardcore research and design implementations. The power of any mobile app exists in its strong points like its user-friendly interface and impressive design. In simple words, if you want to make your mobile app a successful investment for your business, make sure you have designed a gorgeous mobile app by following mobile UI design trends from both inside and outside.

Here, with this blog, we have come up with some killer mobile app design hacks that can help designers get remarkable UX and UI of a mobile app.

Let’s take a look:

Responsive App Design

When you think of designing a mobile app, you should first focus on making the app responsive so that it can easily appear on the screens of different sizes. Display related issues often encountered in mobile apps. So, make sure that all the issues should be catered responsibly to attain a decent and screen-fit mobile app interface.

Unique App Icon

User interaction and number of downloads completely depend on the app icon. Designers should consider the app icon as a major factor which leads an app towards the success or failure. Yes! Anything can be done if you do not focus on your app’s logo. You can stay in the battleground by getting the insights from the logo designs of some competitive apps. Taking an idea from the market famous mobile apps doesn’t mean you can design your app icon similar to them. Rather, you should use a unique symbol which is designed to meet the standard app design criteria like screen-fit icon and easily recognizable design.

Follow Context Rules

This is one of the best design principles for influential app UI & UX app design. As the text & design go hand in hand which describes that your app design should be easy to understand. The best app is designed by keeping the needs of all the target users. They may include avoiding the fancy phrases as these seem fake, cut down the content to make it short and meaningful, consistent phrases & words on each page would help greatly to earn optimum customers. All these app design points can give your business an extension or the next level towards success.

Reduce Accessibility Issues

Being a mobile app designer, one should be focused to eliminate the obstacles rise while users access a mobile app’s content. Hence, it is vital to pay attention to design an app’s interface with a finger-friendly design. This concept describes the way of creating an app with enough space so that users can conveniently tap even to the tiny app buttons. If the buttons and the CTAs of apps are placed too closely that may result in extreme user frustration.

Use Appealing Colors

Beautiful design and attractive app colors provide increased click-through rates to a mobile app. While designing an app, it is crucial to pick colors of an app wisely as the eye-appealing colors decide the significance of an app in the app store. So, always pick those colors that perfectly complement your brand. If you are good app designer, you must be aware of this fact that a good app design practice always succeeds when you choose an excellent color scheme to enhance UI and UX of a mobile app.

Keep Pace With The Latest Trends

Web design industry continues to surprise with a variety of new design trends and techniques. If you are a mobile app developer, it is necessary for you to embrace trending UI designing tactics in order to make your app modern and up to date. Having a deep understanding of the advanced app designing trends help designers to pave the paths for the future app design project.

Anyone can design a mobile app. But, is there anyone who can design a great mobile app which can improve a business’s online presence. Actually, it’s daunting. Therefore, before designing a mobile app, don’t think from the business point of view rather focus on the users’ perception to get a user-friendly mobile app design.


All the above mobile design pointers describe that what users’ are demanding these days when to browse an app on the app store. Implement these as the proven mobile app design tips as these are predicted to give you an idea of upcoming app designing trends


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