4 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins You Should Know

It will be wrong to underestimate the efficiency of email as it is still the most effective solution for those who want to connect with their audience and keep them updated on the recent content. Also, you could do that on a regular basis and expect your emails to be read by an overwhelming majority of your audience. So, it is not obsolete, yet. Besides, it is still common to see a WordPress web development company that recommends it.

So, to help with email marketing and email promotion in WordPress, here is a list of 4 WordPress-friendly email marketing plugins which you could use this year to keep your audience updated:

#1. Subscribe 2 HTML

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If you are looking for a great WordPress plugin that is able to send email notifications to everybody on your list (subscribers) as soon as you publish any content on the internet, then you should consider this option: subscribe 2 HTML. It is not only sending email notifications to subscribers that it does, you could use it to send other things, e.g., CSS files and images. Besides all that, you could also use it to create HTML emails (as the name implies). When you want to do that, it will take only a few minutes. If it is more, then it is not Subscribe 2 HTML.

What about configurations to suit your liking? It is good of you to ask—if you do, anyway. You can easily configure it to your unique needs or liking. The reason for this is that it has a flexible user-friendly interface. You do not have to worry whether it is complicated; if you are new to WordPress plugins or you are new to Subscribe 2 HTML.

So this first one on the list is recommended, but may not be the best. Read on to see others on the list.


#2. Optin Monster

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Have you heard about this plugin? If you have not, then you should know that it was created by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin. There are reviews that suggested that it is not the leader when it comes to features, but it is a great tool for building list: you should be certain of that. The reason for those reviews is that it is more lightweight meaning it is modular. Do not know what that means? For the benefit of those who do not, it means you are going to install one module at a particular time, not the whole package.

So, if you need one kind of subscription form, that is the only one you can install at that time. Do not be put off by this; you will want to know some other functions of this WordPress plugin. For example, the exit intent pop-up features. What this feature is meant to do it to help enable you to “catch” visitors in your site when they are just about leaving. This feature is one of the most important in all features of Optin Monster WordPress plugins. Would you like to know how it does it? It does it by tracking the gestures of visitors and mouse speed.

So you could install the plugin yourself. After the installation has been done, then you will have to activate it in the setup. Another option is that you could have a WordPress web development company do the installation and activation and all the geeky kinds of stuff that need taking care of.

If you are doing it yourself, then it is now the selection process: you will have to select the kind of form you want to show on your site. The word “form” means Slide In, Footer Bar, Lightbox, etc.

Next on this list is the configuration: you will have to choose the opt-in title, exit intent, loading delay, and so on. And then chose the design of the opt-in and then it is customization. Remember your best option: a professional WordPress web development company. This will not only be easier but also better if the professionals are doing it. All right, onto the next plugin.


#3. MailPoet Newsletters

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This is another free email marketing WordPress plugin for those who have a maximum of 2000 subscribers. Before you think of using it, you should know what it does, right? You can use it to post autoresponders or notifications in a personalized and beautiful way. This could also be done by a WordPress web development company. That is not all. Also, you could use it to send newsletters as well.

For those who would like to drop their social icons, posts, or images in their newsletter, they can do it with this WordPress Plugin. And with this, your newsletters will contain the required information that you want it to contain.

And there are other features in this plug-in, e.g., you could change colors and fonts quickly. So, it is a simple newsletter solution that has the capability to manage all your subscribers.

And for those who like the drag-and-drop features in plug-ins, you can do it with MailPoet Newsletters. You could also use it to change the images, the text, the styles, and the theme of the plugin. These are all nice and needed features, right? Also, all the smart choices regarding plugins could be made by WordPress web development company, if you decide to hire a company to do it for you.

An advice? When you want to use plugins for your site, it is way more preferable to get the help of professional WordPress web development company. This would help you in ways that you cannot imagine. That is why it is recommended a lot in this article.


#4. SendinBlue

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This has its WordPress plugins. it could be used by both the advanced users like professionals in WordPress web development company, and the beginners. So you cannot say that it is too complex for you to use it.

So what is SendinBlue about? It is an email marketing service provider. What this means, in other words, is that it could be used to cover email marketing, mobile text messaging, transactional emails, and so on.


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