Audit and Monitor the Performance of Your Site with These Excellent SEO Tools

The sudden updates in Google algorithms often leave marketers in a state of concern and confusion. Every twist in the algorithm will bring people a step closer towards relevant search results. The manner in which Google appraises a site and decides which website will be visible for which query is somewhat a secret.

Today there are a good number of SEO tools both paid and free which will help a business owner to track their website just the way as Google does. Such tools will work wonders when it comes to one’s organic search strategy as it will enable them to emphasize their website’s elements which are considered vital by Google.

10 Excellent SEO Tools

Make the most of these 10 excellent SEO tools that will help you to audit and monitor the performance of your site.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools- This tool is an excellent pick for beginners as it explains in detail about the basics of Google search. Its PageSpeed Insights feature helps to track the performance of a mobile and a desktop website with regards to speed. For any business, the page speed matter as it is the speed that will help them to hold their clients. On the other hand, the tool called Fetch as Google will help a business to view a specific URL the way in which Google sees it. It is vital in case of troubleshooting the performance of SEO that is poor. Through the information received one can modify the page for better outcomes along with isolating the problematic code if the website gets hacked.
  2. BuzzStream- Through this SEO tool a business person can manage his outreach to those he can offer inbound links to their site but in a cost-effective way. BuzzStream will make it hassle-free to find the ideal people, provide effective email messages as well as track the people that have accepted the link request. The best part about this tool is that it will allow one to find people for outreach resting on their industry along with tracking their engagement level on different social networks. This way one can have an idea regarding who will be highly accessible to their request of backlink and improve their ranking on Google.
  3. Ahrefs- This is a useful SEO tool which will study one’s website property and provide ranking profiles, link, and keyword to help them make better decisions on their content. Ahrefs has three essential tools- keyword explorer, content explorer, and site explorer. The keyword explorer will generate the click-through rates and search volume of particular keywords on a monthly basis, the content explorer through specific topics and keywords will help one to explore web pages that are high performing and site explorer will show one the performance of particular pages on their site.
  4. Moz Pro- This tool will help one to boost up the search ranking of their business. It comes with a series of research tools that will offer resources to the subscribers which they require for identifying SEO opportunities, building reports, tracking growth and optimizing their overall efforts. The tool called Crawl Test will help in analyzing about 3000 links on the given URL. Post completion the user will get an email report which will provide the data details for every page which the website links to. It will work wonders for identifying the crawlability factors like redirects and duplicate content that may influence their performance of SEO.
  5. SEMrush- This is a dashboard that is highly elaborate that offers domain performance reports both as their specific pages and also in its entirety. It provides a couple of toolkits of which SEO toolkit is one of the most effective. SEO toolkit will help a business owner to plug to a webpage to check which keyword resulted in the ranking, the search volume of the keyword on a monthly basis, what is the rank of the page for that keyword and more. Besides, it will also help one to compare the performance of their page to competition, research the right keywords, reap the perks of on-page search engine optimization opportunities that are similar and check the backlinks coming to their site from other sites. To know more consult an expert SEO Agency.
  6. Website Grader- Website Grader from HubSpot will help a business to uncover the SEO opportunities. The principal objective of using this SEO tool is to create personalized reports resting on some vital metrics namely,
  • Security- This will search for things such as the SSL certificate which will prove visitors that the site is safe and authentic for submitting contact information.
  • SEO- It will help to check whether the site can be found easily by bots as well as humans. Such determination will take into consideration a couple of factors such as meta descriptions and page titles.
  • Mobile Readiness- This tool will check the mobile-friendliness of a site with regards to viewport settings and responsiveness.
  • Performance- It will help to analyze the page size of the website, speed, requests and similar other chief SEO metrics.

To get started the website URL is needed along with an email address. Plug in the information and get the score along with a detailed report. Apart from Website Grader, there are some paid SEO tools offered by HubSpot that can help one to direct their efforts in a better way such as the Keyword App, Sources Report and Page Performance App. The marketing platform offered by HubSpot will provide one with an array of tools required for researching keywords, tracking organic search growth, monitoring their performance and also diagnosing pages which are not completely optimized.

  1. SEO Report Card- The SEO Report Card from UpCity will help one in analyzing their site for checking the way in which it stacks up especially against their competitors. This tool in exchange for one’s contact information will function as a report which will cover,
  • Current Indexing- This will indicate the total number of web pages indexed.
  • Trust Metrics- It will provide an overview concerning the authority or trust level of the website.
  • Website Accessibility- A part that will highlight on the load time of the site and crawlers ease of accessibility.
  • On-site Analysis- It will reveal how successful one is when it comes to using their essential keyword all through the site.
  • Link Building- This will offer a detailed account regarding the different sites which link back to one’s website.
  • Rank Analysis- This will offer a snapshot of where one’s site ranks on the leading search engines. The ranking will depend on the most important keyword that one chooses while adding information while creating the report.
  1. SEO Audit Tool- Like all other businesses, you also wish to rise above the competitors especially on the SERPs. The SEO Audit Tool from Found is a useful tool for marketers that are simple to use when it comes to identifying and solving the standard search engine optimization errors present on one’s site. One needs to enter his URL and get their website’s automated SEO audit right away. This SEO tool is broadly divided into three principal parts namely,
  • External Link Analysis- It will help in evaluating both the quality as well as the quantity of the external links.
  • Content Issues- This will emphasize influential factors such as the metadata and keywords.
  • Technical Issues- It will report on the different factors such as XML sitemaps and domain canonicalization.

Akin to Woorank, after running a report, the tool will make it simpler for one in downloading the outcomes as a PDF that can be shared within their organization easily.

  1. Woorank- Its comprehensive analysis of the website will assist marketers the scope for improvement and also optimization. This analysis will focus on many factors- usability, social media, current SEO initiatives and more. Every report will be categorized into 8 parts namely visitors, local, social, technologies, usability, mobile, SEO and marketing checklist. The plus point of using this tool is that users can download reviews in the form of branded PDFs thereby resulting in streamlined presentation and company-wide distribution.
  2. SEO Spider- SEO Spider from Screaming Frog is one of the most highly favored tools amid search marketers. Designed exclusively for an SEO-minded it will help to crawl the sites that one mentions and examine the URLs to check the common SEO problems. SEO Spider will assist in simplifying and expediting the process which can be mainly for bigger websites. Evaluating the same URLs manually can take a lot of time. Now the question is how it works? This program is intuitive with tabs that can be simply navigated. You can export the data into the Excel sheet for more analysis.

If you wish to make, the most of these SEO tools consult a professional who can guide you in the process and help your site get visibility and proper ranking in the search queries.

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