8 Best music sharing services for twitter


Twitter is becoming more powerful and engaging ways to share information quickly, easily, and almost instantly over the internet. Twitter enthusiasts implemented a lot of innovative ways to develop a load of applications including sharing images, video, documents and even files. What about streaming music? Yes there are quite a few applications that allows you to share and even upload music to share on twitter. Here are the best web applications tested to effectively share music on twitter. Continue reading

Secrets of How to ReTweet Effectively Better

Art of Retweeting header

When Twitter started off, it was nothing but a place to put your status. Now, Twitter has expanded to become a Social Media Giant and fastest means of communications. With its powerful information sharing, it turn into a stream of up-to-date news. Over its last few years, Twitter came up with several actions, acronyms and tagging. One of the most useful action is “Re-Tweet”.

Updated Nov 5, 2009


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