5 most Affordable Quality Canon mount Lenses

affordable quality canon mount lenses

The thing about Canon lenses, they are pretty much expensive. A good quality Canon lens gives optimum speed and quality of photos. But as a beginner or intermediate Photographer, you can’t afford to buy those expensive Canon Lenses. But fear not, there are alternative lenses that could aid you on your adventure in photography. This write-up is from my personal experience with the lenses mentioned. All these lenses are designed to work with APS-C (1.6x crop factor camera bodies).

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How to setup Efficient Digital Photography Work-flow

First of all, the inevitable question – “What is Digital Photography work-flow?”. In simplified explanation:

“Digital photography work-flow” is a systematic series of process to capture, develop, sort, organize, export and backup your digital photos.

I’m just a beginner photographer and I am learning photography in the hard way. My only teacher is Google and Flickr community. Walking along the path to the learning photography I actually realized that it is required to have a systematic work-flow for your digital photo processing. Slowly by many trial and error I’ve found a simplified way to capture, develop, sort, organize, export and archive my digital photo collection. Professional Photographers might have more efficient systems for their own digital photo processing which I would love to learn from them. Moving ahead, lets see how we could organize our overwhelming collection of digital photos.

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