Top 6 Gaming Gadgets

Possibly moreso than any other medium, computer games have improved exponentially over time. It seems like only yesterday that Pong was the pinnacle of gaming achievement – moving a white line up and down the screen to the sound of bleeps and bloops – realism was not the name of the game (we’ve been through this – Pong was the name of the game). Today though games are almost photo-realistic, worlds are incredibly detailed down to such aspects as the pictures on the walls in the houses, and the plants in the gardens.

But while the programming and the design has certainly come on in leaps and bounds, it’s actually the hardware that’s made this possible. And while the processing power has increased more and more with each new ‘generation’, it’s also become more interesting and more innovative at the same time – to the point where some of the consoles are no longer just machines with controllers, but amazing gadgets that you can interact with in completely new ways. Here we will look at some of the most incredible gaming gadgets and gizmos that have changed the face of gaming, or at least given us something new and exciting to try. Continue reading

IFTTT – The Ultimate Internet Automation Tool

Established in late 2011, this relatively new service ‘Internet to work’ for you. The creators of IFTTT observed the digital world of the internet around them, and realised how they could make things simpler for a user to collect, share & collate information across social platforms with ease. The way that this is achieved is through “triggers and actions” chosen by the user. Much of what IFTTT achieves could be done through various APIs, but the level of integration offered, along with ease of use, is unprecedented.

Now, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do you use social networking tools in a daily basis (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube)?
  • Do you find yourself uploading a photo or sharing same messages on twitter and facebook?
  • Do you wish your instagram photos to be posted on tumblr or flickr automagically?
  • Do you wish get something done when one of your email, favourite blog or social network site gets updated?

If any of the above you ever wanted to do then IFTTT will make the magic possible for you. Let us have a quick understanding of IFTTT and how it works. Continue reading

Top 5 Affordable Tablets

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding tablet computers recently, following the announcement by Microsoft that they are to release their own version, ‘Surface’, within the next few months.

Whilst speculation is rife as to whether the makers of Windows will present a real challenge to Apple’s iPad, which presently makes up 68% of the tablet market, these two will not be the only choices available to consumers, although you’d think so by the amount of fuss generated in the media.

Below are five further tablets to consider, all priced within a decent range – of course, the choice you make will depend largely on what you want to use the device for and whether it’s suitable for you. Continue reading

3 Apps to Control Your Computer with Your Android Device

Thanks to improved information and communication technology, you can now do virtually anything from your mobile device. Other than creating and sending application files such as word, excel and PowerPoint from your mobile device, you can now be able to monitor and control your CCTV camera.

But perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the ability to control your PC from your android device. This feature can be achieved by downloading and installing apps such as PhoneMyPC, LogMeIn Ignition and Gmote amongst others on your android device. Listed below are some of the apps that you can install in your android device to control your PC. Continue reading

7 Things Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games

What makes a video game blast the monotony of repetitive actions and sometimes mindless clicking? The short answer to this is the story and the interface. Because in a video game players expect great content to be delivered to them without breaking the fantasy, it is my belief that web designers have a lot of things to learn from them.  Continue reading

App Store Wars: Who Controls the Market? [Infographic]

In recent years, smartphones have exploded in growth, with adoption coming from nearly all members of society.  In fact, the smartphone has basically become the one  of the most useful daily essentials.  But with this love of smartphones coming from all over, fanatics have developed, and ties have been made. This has resulted in heated debates, arguments, drama, and passion (people take their phones very seriously!) for which company makes the best smartphone, and which operating system is the most user friendly. But do they always have the information to back it up? Continue reading

Top 5 Wireless N+ Performance Routers for Home

Most of us who are dealing with online industries have our own laptops. Those who have families and kids, they even have more than 2 laptops.

Addition to that, we also have more than 1 smart devices such as tablets and smartphone. Don’t forget the game consoles and media players. All of them requires stable WiFi connectivity.

It has become a necessary requirement to have a solid performance WiFi router to serve all these devices.

Choosing a right performance WiFi router can be tricky. Due to the cost, you definitely do not want the wrong one. This topic should help you find the high end Wireless N+ performance router for your home. The routers I have listed here are dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) routers. All these devices are priced between us$140-$200.

Now lets get down to the list. Continue reading

5 Options You Want Your Android Monitoring Apps to Have

When designing android monitoring app, developers always keep in mind the balance between simplicity and functionality. That is why most of the spying software programs have preset options and configurations.

But don’t you just wish that android monitoring software could have other options and features that would make it far more convenient than it already is? We have thought about this as well, and actually, we have brainstormed 5 options that we just wished mobile phone monitoring software really had. Continue reading