Web Live Streaming Studio 2022? Flutin, Melon, and Restream Comparison

There is a recent wave of web live streaming studio platforms taking over the internet. So, it was essential to create a comparison matrix for Flutin, Melonapp, Wave.video, and Restream. Early days, Restream one code was sold for $49, and now it is a full-featured product, well, almost!

This comparison should give them a better idea about the tools with the feature set. The reason for making this is to assist audiences in deciding which type of features they need for their niche. Some might require the Facebook Group features, and others need YouTube and RTMP. This differs by use cases and needs for the individual.

Now, what are these live streaming tools for? It enables you to go live in a much shorter time with less hassle and setup. Ultimately, you will probably do OBS for the maximum amount of granular control and quality as a pro. But then, many have not had the time to figure out these techs or prefer to do it from the browser.

Onto the comparison chart! Kindly remember, this is to guide you on your needs and aware of the features which come with them. I created this for the Lifetime users of these products.

What are the lifetime web live streaming studios included in this comparison?

There are four forward-moving web live streaming studios included in this comparison. The products are as below:

Flutin Live

Flutin Live Lifetime Deal

When it comes to live virtual events, there is no better way to keep your audience engaged than by hosting a public speaker, performing, or even playing a game. Flutin offers donation and public event pages.

Flutin live focuses on the creator and their audience and maximizes engagement. Fast pacing development and even it is very new to the industry.


Melon Lifetime Deal - Web Live Streaming Studio 2022

Start high-quality livestreams on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more with simple guest invitations. Setup takes just minutes. Donations can monetize your livestreams, and you get to keep 100% of the money you raise.

Melon, a cloud-based program for live streaming, is a highly debated full-suite application.

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Wave.video Live Streaming Studio

Wave Video Lifetime Deal

Wave.video started as an up-and-coming video editing software that includes stock assets, layouts, and flexible hosting options. Now they are expanding into web live streaming software—a complete ecosystem per se. (Expected Q1, 2022).


Restream Lifetime Deal

Content creators, social media managers, marketing agencies, and vloggers who want to use a lot of different channels should use this app. Stream live videos to 30+ global platforms right from your browser or your favorite streaming software.

What are the benefits of a lifetime product?

One of the most lucrative software offers is the lifetime product. This offer is made by a large company that will sell you a long-term subscription at a very low cost. You will agree to purchase services from the same company. 

There are many reasons this type of offer is so lucrative for a software company. For one, the software company can keep its prices low because it doesn’t have to worry about the initial development or support costs. The software company also knows that we will use its products for a long time, so it can charge a lower price for each year.


  • Hosted on the cloud, can use from anywhere
  • One time fee, can use for the lifetime of the product
  • No recurring costs
  • Web-based UI and mobile support
  • Massive savings in the long-run


  • Companies can close-down
  • Poor quality updates
  • Founders losing interest in the products
  • Founders looking for a buy-out

The Product Comparison Table for the Lifetime web live streaming studio software

The top four “web live streaming studio” lifetime saas products are here. Some information might be different, depending on when you look at it. I published this on 16 December 2021. I will update this to reflect new changes—a short link to the media file ( https://rrd.one/6dEc ).

Web Live Streaming Studio Platforms 2022 Revision4
Web Live Streaming Studio Platforms 2022 Rev 4 (shortlink https://rrd.one/6dEc)

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