Top 10 Web-Based Project Management Tools to Look for in 2019

Top 10 Web Based Project Management Tools to Look for in 2019

Project management is a tough task and the project managers who have to manage multiple projects have to coordinate with the teams and clients of each project. There are many project management courses available, which a candidate can pursue before applying and handling the job.

One of these certifications is Project Management Professional or PMP. There are many institutes that provide classroom-based courses and training. People can also join PMP certification online as these courses do not need to attend regular classes. The online courses are best for those who need to do the certification while continuing their job.

# Future of PMP

PMP exam is one of the most preferred exams and those who pursue it can get jobs as a project manager easily. Organizations in India and abroad prefer the resume in which project management professional certification is mentioned.

Project management is needed in every industry as there are many projects going on and there are many more to come. The PMP certified project managers have the capability of handling multiple projects and deliver them successfully.

Surveys have shown that though the organizations are decreasing their manpower but are willing to recruit project managers, especially who have done the certification. Therefore, one who wants to become a project manager must pursue the exam as there are many jobs available in the market.

# Project Management Tools

There are many project management tools available in the market which a project manager can use to manage single or multiple projects. Human beings cannot keep everything in memory and if they fail to remember something related to a project, they will have to pay for it later on. There are many tools available which the project managers can use to handle the project and schedule everything.

These project management tools can also be used to manage the projects. Here is a brief description of some of the tools.

1. Hive

Project managers can use this software as it will help them to increase the productivity of the team. The software includes many actions which will help to increase the team’s productivity. Communication with the team, storage of files, and usage of external tools can be done by this single software, Hive.

The PMP certified project managers can easily use this software to manage their teams and projects. They can maintain the dashboard provided by the app. Many companies are using this software to manage the projects and deliver them on time.

2. Jira


Projects managers who handle the developer team can use Jira app as it helps in planning, tracking, and releasing the software. The app can be used to generate reports which help the team to improve their performance.

Many other tools can also be integrated into the software which helps the managers to manage the team and projects. If a manager has pursued PMP certification, he can use the software easily as he is aware of all the project management skills and processes so he can manage his team easily.

3. ProWorkflow

Project managers can use this web-based software which will help them to manage tasks and projects. Along with this, managers can also manage contacts and generate a report for the project.

ProWorkflow comes with many features which a project manager and his team can use easily. If there is any problem, the managers can contact the support for consultation and resolve the issue.

PMP certified project managers have the knowledge of managing contacts, tracking workflow, and generating reports so this app will help them to manage the project manager and the team and project can be delivered on time. Managers can use this software to see the productivity of the team and if anybody is not performing well, he can communicate with the member and resolve any issue he is facing.

4. Office Timeline

This app helps the managers to create timelines and charts. There are many factors related to a project plan which need to be updated regularly so that the team is aware of the plan and work accordingly. The software provides an easy solution for creating timelines and charts. Office Timeline comes with an add-on of PowerPoint which helps to make the timelines which cannot be easily forgotten and can be followed easily.

PMP certified managers are aware of the importance of charts and timelines. They should also know how to work on PowerPoint so that they can create charts and timelines. The timelines can also be shown to the clients.

5. Zoho Projects App

This is a web application which helps the managers to make a plan regarding one or more projects. The app also helps to communicate with the team and the clients. Along with this, the managers can also use the app for keeping a watch on the time, manage documents related to the project, and generate charts and reports. Project managers can keep a track on the progress of the project, communicate easily with the team, discuss ideas, and keep themselves updated so that the project can be completed on time.

6. Easy Projects

PMP certified managers can use this app to organize their team and complete the project on time and within budget. The managers have the idea of time and budget and so they should be very cautious regarding the duration in which a project has to be completed.

7. Wrike

The solution includes Gantt charts, its own Document Editor, calendars, a workload view for resource management, multiple dashboards and real-time updates.

It integrates with a variety of third-party applications including Salesforce and Dropbox. The platform’s also available as a mobile app.

8. Asana

Asana is a project management tool, which the project managers can use to increase the productivity of the team and also track the project. The managers can create to-do lists and remind the team members regarding the deadline of the project.


The app also helps the managers to add due dates and provide instructions related to the tasks. The app facilitates the sharing of images from various websites. It has made tracking easy which helps the manager to deliver the project on time.

9. Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner app can be easily installed on iPhones and Android phones and people can also use the web version. The app comes with many features which help the managers to manage single or multiple projects.

The app has a feature of Smart Schedule which the managers can use to prioritize work, assign tasks to the team members, and set the timeline in which task given to each member has to be completed. The project can be tracked easily and can be delivered on time.

10. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular project management tools, which helps the managers to organize their work and manage everything from laptop, mobile, or tablet. Managers can use dashboards to organize everything.

# Wrapping Up

There are many other applications, which help the project managers to manage the projects and deliver them on time. These applications will help even the PMP certified managers to manage the projects. The apps help to set up dashboards, manage time, and also in communicating with the client and the team. The apps also help to generate the reports and charts regarding the projects.