Top 8 Tips for Effective Email Management

Email has modernized and transformed business communication. Now the entrepreneurs don’t have to think a lot whether someone is in the office to receive a phone call or be at the mercy of the post office.

There is an increasing amount of traffic related to contact support now being managed by email. By the use of effective email management businesses, freelancers and individuals can save a lot of money, resources and open up effective marketing options.

The use of effective email management keeps communication lines open within a company and collaborates on all the projects easily as well apart from external entities such customers.

But how can we acquire the best out of the email management? We have come up with top 8 tips for effective email management.

1.  Respond as Quickly as Possible

Unusually, customers don’t consider email as a consistent communication channel with a service organization. For instance, how many times have you emailed a company, and got no reply?

Or got only an incomplete reply after waiting for several days? Just imagine how much a negative impression it creates on the customer.

Generally, customers wait for an email response in two hours or less.

You will lose your potential customers if the email response times fall short of their expectation. So try to respond the email as quickly as possible.

2.  Follow the Fundamental

There are some important things that you can do to ensure a better email management experiences by making email a part of your main communication or multichannel strategy.

Simply keep your customers in the loop from the time they email, the time that they receive a reply. Try to manage your email flow and streamline your response procedures using email automation tools.

If you have a customer service people then train them to answer email properly that includes monitoring, measuring and optimizing your email management performance.

Follow the Fundamental

3.  Meaningful Response

The customers expect a rapid and meaningful response when they take the time to send an email. As a preferred communication channel, email communication is a useful way for organizations to answer questions and resolve customer’s issues.

You can take assistance from Assignment Help on how to write such responses. So try to make the experience of customers more positive through meaningful response.

However, dedication is required to make sure that responses are steady and well-timed to avoid causing irritation for the customer.

Also, make sure your email management solution facilitates you to track the progress of every email you send and notify you if an email is left unanswered.

4.  Response to Repeat Inquiries

To deliver the response to repeated inquiries from the customers, you can use the options of web self-service or frequently asked questions through email management system.

In case you don’t have that option in your present system, you can hire such self-answering services that provide immediate responses to the customer without the need for human involvement.

Organizations receiving hundreds of incoming customer inquiries each day can certainly benefit from an email response management system.

5.  Group Emails for Effective Response

Categorize the several types of incoming email communication using grouping and labeling feature. When you learn and recognize the content of the incoming emails, they can then be grouped and labeled into categories such as human resource, marketing, finance etc.

You can create various email groups relating to the different departments within your organization and label them accordingly. This will help you measure and monitor emails in terms that which department of your organization receives more emails.

6. Create Templates for Similar Replies

If you see through your sent folder, you’ll possibly discover a certain trend in things you reply to. For instance, if you are a service providing organization you can create separate templates that can be classified into these categories such as feedback, thank you mail, sales inquiries etc. You can use these pre written templates to use in your replies.

email template

By doing this you can save huge amounts of time compared to past when you would type emails from scratch.

7. Prioritize Emails

Generally, when you read email and it is taking less than three minutes to read and give a response to, then take care of it right now, even if it’s not a high priority.

In other words, if the email is taking longer than three minutes to read or respond to, schedule time on your calendar, or add this on your  ‘to do later’ list.

There are a good deal of email management programs available that allow you to highlight, flag, or star emails that need a response. So always try to set the priority of your emails in order to achieve effective email management.

8. Use of Filters

Filters are the useful tool that helps you sort out between the emails that are work-related and spam. Remember that you will not always receive emails that are related to your work.

A good percentage of the emails you receive are useless and considered spam. So you will have to use up your precious time in differentiating the emails that are important ones.

But now you can save a lot of time by the use of filters that recognize spam emails and send them directly into garbage automatically when it gets into your inbox.

If you use filters properly you can manage your emails appropriately and save your precious time


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