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5 Things to Consider Before Implementing New Technology In Business

If you haven’t had a tech update in a few years, you’re probably overdue. It’s almost always a great idea to invest in new technologies that will significantly boost the productivity and growth of your business. Even if it’s the best decision you’ve ever made, you’ll still need to make some important considerations before you hit the ground running.

New technology is going to change a lot of things. You can’t just jump in with both feet and expect such a huge new development to go over without a hitch. Before you go on a spending spree, make sure you have all of your affairs in order with your employees, strategies, and plans.

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Emerging Technologies That Are Making Smart Homes Less Cluttered

Remember when you bought your first VCR? You had a remote control for your new movie-watching device that you had to keep separate from CD player remote, your regular television remote and your stereo remote. Something as simple as changing the channel on TV meant having to fumble through several remote controls or attempting to program everything into a cumbersome (and huge) universal remote.

The same issue may be happening now in houses that are embracing the “smart home” way of life. As smart homes technology are introduced, homeowners are trying to avoid being overwhelmed by the clutter of devices, programming and controllers.

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6 Potential Technologies That Can Redefine Customer Experience

A successful customer experience strategy starts with an aspiration centered on what matters to customers and empowering frontline workers to deliver. – Brooke Boyarsky, Will Enger, and Ron Ritter

The age of digital transformation is here, and organizations once again find themselves mulling over novel customer experience strategies to attract and retain customers.

Digital transformation presents businesses with room to maneuver various approaches to garner the attention of modern buyers and live up to their expectations of impeccable customer experience, irrespective of the medium or place.

As people become increasingly conversant with their desires, organizations the world over find it quite troublesome to emulate and deliver a distinctive customer experience.

In fact, a Gartner study revealed that almost 52 percent of marketers shared the opinion that a budget apportioned to customer service responsibilities will not rise correspondingly. Apart from this, various CMOs surmise that only 18 percent of the total marketing budget is devoted to customer experience.

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15 Technological Advancements Which were Invented in Wars that Changed Our Lives

Do You Think Wars Should Happen?

Do You Think Wars Do Any Good to Society?

Most of us will say NO!

But did you know that one of the best inventions we have today been given by military and wars? Surprised? You should be!

There are various advancements we owe to warfare and which we use now in our day-to-day lives. Did your answer change now? Maybe!

So, what? Am I saying wars should happen? No, obviously not!

Wars lead to loss of life and cause conflicts between nations or group of nations. But in the situation of war, when there is a game of life and death, technology and science develop faster(a harsh but true fact). Let’s take a look at a list of 15 inventions or advancements of wartime which have been now adopted for civilians’ use.

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