Reasons Why Online Reviews are Essential for Your Brand

7 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Essential for Your Brand

Building a brand is an important part of growing your company and achieving success. Your brand is how the public will see and understand your company. A strong brand that people can trust and think positively of is incredibly important.

One often underrated aspect of maintaining a positive brand reputation comes down to online reviews. But why are these online reviews so important to your business and brand. Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a look at. Read on to learn about 7 different reasons why online reviews are essential for your brand.

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5 Ways to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews

The word of mouth has reached a new level of influence these days. According to Forbes, even one negative review on Yelp can cause your business to lose tens of thousands of dollars. For this reason, if you are running business in our digital era, you cannot avoid an issue of negative customer reviews. It is just inevitable. Still, it does not mean that your business is doomed to failure and you need to give up immediately. On the contrary, if you are talked about, it means that you are already in the public eye.

Today, we are going to discuss how to deal with negative reviews, why it is important to listen to your customers’ feedback and communicate with your clients. Check out 5 efficient ways to try straight away!

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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Social Marketing Reviews

The emergence of the internet and social media has changed the idea of the online presence of business and nowadays social marketing can be described as one of the most important things for your business. Social marketing reviews are very important nowadays and you can easily connect with many people through social media platforms.

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ZUS – The Only Performance Car Phone Charger and Locator [Review]

ZUS – a smart charger for your mobile devices and a car locator. And probably the only high-performance charger available in the market today.

If you are in this post, you have probably already owned more than a few smartphones. As a continuous problem when we are using smartphones, it drains out the battery due to excessive usage.

Many of us use car chargers for phones or even for tablets. Now, until today, I have bought over 10 to 12 different brands of car chargers. Some of them are cheap, some are not. Problem was, they have not performed as expected. Usual 2 port USB car chargers, most of the time they do not charge 2 devices at the same time with some consistency. This becomes a problem when you are going out somewhere and you need your car chargers to be reliable to charge your devices.

I knew about the Indiegogo edition of ZUS (by Nonda). The idea seemed interesting and feasible. Then I got an email requesting to do testing on this device. I am always open to review these devices and their potential.

After testing it for almost a month, ZUS outperformed my expectations.

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