How To Promote Your Products

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When companies began using the internet for promotion, it was seen as mostly a marketing “side gig.” However, when online marketing grew, people saw it necessary to have a presence on multiple online channels.

Businesses started booming, brands found it easier to connect with their customers, and the market was getting more and more competitive. While a competitive market provides great product quality for customers, it makes it hard for brands to promote their products properly.

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Key Product Placement Mistakes That Businesses Make

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It’s very rare to see a movie or TV show that doesn’t contain some product placement. In some cases, product placement has nothing to do with any effort on the part of brands to be noticed. For example, in spite of being featured prominently in the Tom Hanks vehicle, Castaway, FedEx did not solicit the studio for product placement, nor were they compensated.

In this case, the decision was made to use a real company rather than a fictional one because the director worried that a fictional company could be unintentionally funny.

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How to Protect Your Product Design

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It goes without saying that design is one of the most important aspects of your product. It is what makes it stand out from others that are similar to it, and it is what people are going to like and remember what you are offering. So, there are two logical things that come out of this.

The first is the fact that, as soon as your product starts making a large profit for you, there will always be people who will attempt to steal your design features in any way they can and come up with knockoffs that they can sell for themselves.

Thus, comes the second thing – they need to protect your product design in any way that you can.

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3 Best UX/UI Practices for Coordinating with Product Development and Product Management Teams

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It’s not uncommon for the roles of mobile app designers and product managers to overlap.

In smaller teams, the team member in charge of mobile app design and product development can be the same person.

After all, both have the same business goal – creating an amazing product that best serves the user needs.

In large teams and organizations, however, where it’s impossible to spend so much time of jaw-dropping user interfaces and experiences, having the same person design and manage can create challenges.

A product manager can guide several teams with many mobile app designers.

This automatically means less time for design focus, and more time needed for managing the project cycle, the team communication, the budgeting and the external stakeholders.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Product’s Speed to Market

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You have an amazing idea and you’re on your way to starting your own business with a new product on the market. While you want to take your time so you can provide your customers with the best possible outcome, speed is an important factor in your success. You need to use the best tools to gain an edge over your competitors and improve your product’s speed to market.

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