How to Write High-Quality Content for Link Building

Write High Quality Content For Link Building

When Link Building started trending, SEO experts were more focused on quantity than quality back in the day. According to a survey taken in 2020, more than 800 professional SEOs, nearly 40 percent of respondents said they spent over $1000 per month on link building. However, the ROI for most of them ended on rocks because of the quality and strategies they went for.

Presently, link building is an entirely different ball game. But to use it to its true potential, you must start with a basic understanding of link-building strategies and how it works.

So, chop-chop, let’s start with an introduction to link building.

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10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas You Need to Try

Creative Lead Generation Ideas You Need to Try

Lead generation is an integral part of the funnel and a well-designed marketing can help you in this process. 61% of marketing professionals or marketers say that generating leads and website are among their biggest challenges.

Before delving in to lead generation, let us understand why are leads so important and why companies are placing this much importance on lead generation. For starters, the sales funnel starts with awareness and aims to convert leads to customers.

But before you get to the sales funnel you need to start with lead generation. Long story short, lead generation is the step before marketing begins and a key link for sales conversions. Things like email signature generator, webinars, giveaways, and beyond can help in the lead generation process.

Here are 10 creative lead generation ideas you need to try. 

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