5 Business Intelligence Technologies to Watch

business intelligence

The business world doesn’t run the way it has in the past. It used to take an incredible effort for companies to collect and use data in any kind of meaningful way. And even if an enterprise was able to use data, there was no guarantee on its accuracy. Today, data is everywhere. This is especially true in the corporate world. While in the past, Business intelligence was limited to large organizations, small companies are now adopting BI at a faster rate. This is a major sign that the tides of the BI world are shifting. Here are five business intelligence technologies to watch right now.

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How IoT is Changing the Mobile Apps Industry

Internet of Things IOT

IoT is getting involved in our lives very rapidly. Technology is evolving with massive data available on the internet and inexpensive devices around us. IoT is all about the devices interconnected over the internet for operational compatibility.

With the emergence of IoT, the inheritance of technology has eased our lives on a daily basis. Thus, we can say in the simplest terms, it is the concept of connecting various things or smart devices to the internet.

IoT, the revolutionary technology is making daily life convenient where Smart homes are a classic example of IoT. It developed a possibility where a single device can control multiple web-connected devices. With so many solutions for better user experience, IoT is also creating a new path for Mobile App development.

IoT is the major aspects of technology that are changing the mobile apps that are developed today. The platform of IoT provides the common language of devices and apps to communicate with each other.

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How IoT Is Helping Businesses Across Industries

Internet of Things ( IOT )

With the new age of technology, IoT has opened a door for the tech world. This technology created more ways than ever for the market of every size of firms. This era is full of interesting innovation which is helping the er in becoming a part of technology. To become a part of IoT developers are exploring amazing mobile app solutions.

Internet of Things(IoT) helps in connecting devices implanted in various systems to the internet. The basic idea revolves around the solution, where devices/objects can represent themselves digitally and they can be controlled from anywhere/anytime.

The device connectivity then helps us to capture more data from more places. In this way, it can increase efficiency with improved safety and IoT security. Ensuring more ways IoT is a transformational force that can help companies improve performance with time. Many firms have IoT analytics and IoT Security to deliver better outputs.

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3 High-Tech Upgrades to Keep Your Home Secure in 2018 and Into the Future

3 High-Tech Upgrades to Keep Your Home Secure

Security has become one of the most in-demand smart home features thanks to technology innovations. The globally connected home security market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 27.12 percent over the five-year period ending in 2021, Orbis Research projects. A Coldwell Banker survey found that 44 percent of Americans already own smart security devices, and another 12 percent plan to purchase one in 2018. The thriving demand is drawing major companies into the security market. Here’s a look at some of the technology innovations that are driving the demand for smart home security and how they can help keep your home safe.

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Everything You Need to Know About New in Android According to Google I/O 2018

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is the annual developer conference held by Google in May of every year. It is interesting not only for programmers but also for billions of Internet users, most of whom are also users of search giant products and services.

The annual Google I/O conference in May largely determines the priorities for the development of the industry for the whole year.

This year, Google I/O was held again at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

The conference began on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, and in its course, the audience could learn a lot about the future of the mobile Android OS and company’s efforts towards the development of artificial intelligence.

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