App Store Wars: Who Controls the Market? [Infographic]

In recent years, smartphones have exploded in growth, with adoption coming from nearly all members of society.  In fact, the smartphone has basically become one of the most useful daily essentials.  But with this love of smartphones coming from all over, fanatics have developed, and ties have been made. This has resulted in heated debates, arguments, drama, and passion (people take their phones very seriously!) for which company makes the best smartphone, and which operating system is the most user-friendly. But do they always have the information to back it up?

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Use of Social Media for the Growth of Healthcare Business [+ Infographic]

Every industry has its own way to grow and develop itself. So it is in evitable that we shall know who are our clients or customers. The criteria they use while purchasing the product of the company or what is the main reason of the purchase decision of customers.
This is evitable in every sector of the health care sector that there are pharmaceuticals and medical techniques, there are providers and the payers for the same, there is a distinct change in the decision making process of the purchases and it has become complex.

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Did You Know All The Rumors and Roadmap About iPhone 5? [Infographic]

Having enough thirst for rumors for today? No? There are always more rumors than the “actual product facts” about almost all iPhone editions.

Here is one iPhone 5 accumulated rumors infographic designed by Social Catalog that should essentially cool your thirst down.

Personally I don’t like rumors. Mainly rumors are like chewing gum of our daily life. You know what I mean? Of course you do.

I liked this rumor infographic because it has some pretty neat interesting data for the road-map.

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Why Geeks Rule the World? [Infographic]

Geeks“, lately it has been a trending word to use in online communities and what not? Some are Geek by knowing not much of Geekery but some are the real deal from the very beginning. It is the ability of detailing things beyond common human sense.

Geeks are everywhere, whether you recognize them or not, they do make the world goes around. Let me put down some names here; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, Paul Allen, George Lucas, Stan Lee, Mark Coker, Marie Curie, Walt Disney. Yes this list can go on and on.

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What is NFC Capable of? [Infographic]

You may or may not be aware of this term “NFC”. Here is a quick intro to the NFC.

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimetres. Present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Wi-Fi. Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip, called a “tag”.
(cited from Wikipedia)

If you haven’t seen the Google Wallet, it is literally magical. Regardless the vibe, mobile payments technology is being around since early 2002. It was in a much smaller scale using near-field communications, more commonly known as NFC. The main idea behind Wallet is pay using your phone as a credit card (contactless).

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