Statistical Importance of Canada For Immigration and Business Settlement

A lot of interesting statistics about Canada will tell you very well and give you a detailed picture of why Canada is such a popular place in the world to immigrate for business. If you are a business person, if you have dreams to become an entrepreneur, and if you aspire high, then Canada can be your new home for settling for the life with your new business on the grounds of the country.

Why is Canada deemed one of the hotspots to start a business after immigrating?

  • The strong economy of Canada is a great reason to be here. Growth in the economy is steep here. It’s rated one of the best countries to start and grow a business by the Forbes magazine.
  • Being tax competitive is the next big reason that Canada is deemed perfect for starting a new business. Businesses can thrive here for the low tax and low cost of running. The country’s laws are business friendly for taxation and such expenses, and the cost of running a business in Canada is much lower than other G-7 countries.
  • Businesses depend and run on a lot of research and development work. And the rank of Canada in research and innovation in the world is great and very high. Innovative incentives are high in Canada, and the appreciation for scientific talent is also highest here. Almost 30% of the investment on research and development is returned to the foreign investors by the provincial and federal credit system.
  • Lifestyle in Canada is of the best quality and rated high quality. It’s the high quality of the lifestyle along with the G-20 rated standard of living, which makes it one of the best countries to start your business and settle.

These points are strong enough to influence people to migrate to Canada, become the permanent immigrants, and start their own businesses in the country.

How to immigrate to Canada

Immigrating to Canada is nowadays one of the easiest jobs, and in fact much easier than to immigrate to the United States. These days people wishing to immigrate goes through a simple path of choosing an immigration expert like the

This, however, is an important step. Choosing an immigration expert can be a daunting task if your research is not good enough. If you are into authentic hands, then you are safe and time consumed will be reasonable while investment would be natural and minimal. In case you are treated just like a file the case is going to be tough and will take longer and perhaps you may meet declinations too. Hence, to go with a good immigration partner is important to ensure your ship for business to Canada gets the right sail.

Finally – Plan it for Canada

Before you plan the business in Canada make sure you did all the necessary research about the market, the consumer behaviour, how and which segment of consumers you would be targeting, companies you may partner or associate with etc. Prior to good planning followed by methodical execution can establish you as a successful entrepreneur in Canada.

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