Only Seo Training Can Help You to Design a Website Incorporating All the Vital Elements

Only Seo Training Can Help You to Design a Website Incorporating All the Vital Elements

Having a site that boasts of colorful images and a couple of informative videos is not just enough. Do not rely on colorful photos and videos to draw web traffic to your website. To enhance the visibility of your site and ensure that the ranking is commendable, you have to incorporate the tricks and finer aspects of search engine optimization or SEO.

Now, you can design a website keeping in mind the target audience that belongs to different walks of life. For better traffic and visibility, cater to a broad spectrum of the audience that belongs to different age groups.

The Basics for everyone

It is customary to follow all the essential elements of SEO when you are building a website for search engines. To add value to what you offer to your readers, you can also include a separate section that will cater to those who are looking out for some valuable information pertaining to SEO. And this section, you can refer it to as SEO training for the beginners or SEO for the wannabe!


Having said that what are the elements that you can incorporate in your training section? Take a look at the following-

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Types of SEO- Black Hat and White Hat SEO
  3. Difference between writing for the web crawlers and writing for human
  4. Search engine algorithm and search engine updates
  5. The concept of links elaborately
  6. The concept of web traffic, digital footfall, and bounce rates
  7. Organic and Inorganic web traffic
  8. Project work will include designing a website by students.

The topics mentioned above are just a few of them that can deal with keeping in mind about imparting training to those who want to accustom to the concept of SEO. In this regard, you can try out the services of SWD Studenten Webdesign Düsseldorf for website development and maintenance support.

Designing an SEO friendly website in general

Discussed in the paragraphs below are a few general aspects and approach to designing sites that are SEO friendly-

1. Be visible on social media platforms

Search engines prefer social media platforms. While building sites, including the images of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on.

2. Do not use Javascript for the entire website

You will come across many such sites that use Javascript throughout. However, it becomes difficult for the web crawlers to scan through the Javascript enabled pages as they “struggle” to index the pages. So, it is a wise move to make things easier for the crawlers and avoid the script as much as possible.

3. Images must be SEO friendly

It is not just the textual content that you must index, but you must focus on the other forms of media like video and images too. So, make sure you present the photos in such a manner that they can attract visitors also.


4. Incorporate breadcrumb navigation

By doing so, users are not only able to keep track of the location, but navigation becomes easier. And it is more important that the web crawlers are able to understand the exact structure and layout of your website.

To stand out from the crowd, it is even more important to incorporate SEO elements that will ensure your ranking. Last but not least, it is rightly said that “Content is King,” so the mantra of success lies right in there!