Stay young in a simple way

Sometimes staying young in body and mind is not possible by doing diet or whatsoever. It can be achieved by having a great time and enjoy the moments of the life. Maybe these 10 points can help to you to stay young in body and soul. In order to stay young it requires both mental and physical health. Remember a body can’t live without a mind.

TrueCrypt create your own secure storage

Sometimes at office or even at home i don’t want certain part of my hard drive not accessible by anyone. Well you can hide your folders but is it giving you the optimal protection, i don’t think so. TrueCrypt is a open source software comes with a highly secured protection systems. The algorithms are so difficult to break that it might take a few billion years to break the password. TrueCrypt can be used on windows xp/vista or linux platforms. Actually what it do is to create a physical file on a hard disk and encrypt it with very strong protection and load that file as a virtual drive. TrueCrypt also can be used to protect your USB or Flash disks.

Amazing Foldable Chair Concept Flexible Love

Found it on Youtube. An amazing chair named “Flexible Love”. It can be folded in many many ways even can be a couch. It made i Taiwan. See video to believe it.

Track Live Satellites Real Time

This is one interesting site lets you track almost any satellite traveling around the globe. It’ll show you all the location details like latitude and longitude along with the satellite detail. Real time image tracking is provided by NASA. The site is powered by Ajax technology providing you streamed experience of tracking the satellites.

Famous Quotes from Albert Einstein

We always have something to learn from this Talented Genius Albert Einstein . Here are some of his most famous quotes.

Learn How to Think

Twenty-five Fallacies That Lead Us to Believe Weird Things

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