Track Live Satellites Real Time

This is one interesting site lets you track almost any satellite traveling around the globe. It'll show you all the location details like latitude and longitude along with the satellite detail. Real time image tracking is provided by NASA. The site is powered by Ajax technology providing you streamed experience of tracking the satellites.

Famous Quotes from Albert Einstein

We always have something to learn from this Talented Genius Albert Einstein . Here are some of his most famous quotes.

Learn How to Think

Twenty-five Fallacies That Lead Us to Believe Weird Things

1st Death Anniversary of beloved Kafee Billah

Dr. kafee Billah my beloved idol and my close cousin passed away while working in his newly joined company at United States last year. He was extremely meritorious, wise, calm, open hearted, intelligent and peaceful personality. I should refer him not one in a million but one in a billion. He was a PhD holder along with so many other degrees and studies. His love life is a true inspiration for me, he showed what love can be and he proved love marriages are the best thing that could ever happened to a mans life. He proved that he is immortal in our hearts every moment. People said those who are valuable they wont stay in this mortal world for long but yet i don't believe it's his time to go.

How to Change People Without Offending Them

A leader's job often includes changing your people's attitudes and behavior. Some suggestions to accomplish this:

1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation. 2. Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly. 3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person. 4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. 5. Let the other person save face.

How to run multiple Internet Explorer on the same machine

I've got some layout problems with internet explorer and situations leads me to test the site under different versions of Internet explorer but trust me it's not a easy job to run internet explorer 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the same system. But hey there are always solutions.. Tredosoft has came up with the installer which will run internet explorer from version 3 until 7.

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