Speed up your System – IObit SmartDefrag 5.00 Beta

It’s hard to find a really working solution for hard disk fragmentation issue and needless to say day by day the hard disk sizes are growing along with more and more files. Recently I’ve found IObit SmartDefrag which is fast enough to defrag your huge hard disk in no time. It has a feature of set and forget it configuration which is really convenient for both office and home users. It has most of the features you can find in any commercial software.

PIKOM PC Fair 2008 April Malaysia

I went to the PC fair as usual, it started from April 11th until April 13th. Prices seems to be went down a little bit more. The hot cakes were the gadgets – USB disks, mp3/mp4 players, laptops, desktops, PC accessories, digital cameras, audio equipments, LCD monitors and so on. As usual all the Internet service providers also there and they came up with promotions and sort of stuff. Was surprised to see Acer is offering Laptops for RM1499, yeah I know it’s not the High End laptop but it do have 1GB DDR2 ram and 120GB sata drive. Intel was offering promotional prices for their processors but still the Core 2 Duo processor and Core 2 Quad processor prices didn’t went down that much. Sony offered 32″ Bravia LCD TV series for RM2099 and RM220+ for DVD players. My friend can’t resist and he swiped the credit card for good = bought it. USB flash disks are everywhere, I got a 8GB USB disk for RM90, just for the info DO NOT buy Kingston flash disks, their product way out of order these days, actually I was looking for Corsair flash disks but anyway I got mine is Transcend JetFlash v30, supports windows security using the disk plus a downloadable utility to sync your documents, email, bookmarks while you are on the move. For best quality USB disks get a Corsair for optimal performance, other than that you can choose APACER, SANDISK U3, TRANSCEND, PENDRIVE etc.

WordPress 2.5 – The Upgrade Resources

Now you might be excited and obviously worried about the upgrade process on the road to wordpress 2.5 but it’s not a prime time to upgrade it.. Just take your time, download it, do the testing on your local server (you can use EasyPHP, XAMPP or WAMP for testing), test out your themes and check which plugins are not working. Here is some links to shorten your research about upgrading

Best of the JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

a not so big list of the top best javascript libraries and frameworks.. Definitly worth a look and share.

PHP5 Frameworks including PHP-AJAX Link Roll

Here are some of the Top PHP5 Frameworks and PHP5-Ajax Frameworks that is around the Net. Almost all of them are GPL/Open Source.

Sata and IDE Drives Issues

I’ve got a new motherboard for my computer recently. It’s a Gigabyte GA-965G DS3 series motherboard which comes with 4 sata II ports and 2 onboard sata II ports which provides 3GB/s specifications. Well I’ve gone through a number of troubles migrating to my new sata II drive. My previous drive is a IDE ATA Seagate 160GB drive which has 5 separate partitions and loaded with Windows XP and another partition is loaded with Vista ultimate. So as I got my new sata drive which is a 320GB sata II drive, I decided to put it as my first drive ( Disk 0 ) and the other IDE channel is assigned to disk 4. Both were master drives and mother preferences were set to give the main priority at the sata drive for booting. Anyway I did a cloning using Acronis True Image and cloned the whole drive into the new 320GB drive. After that I found out that the IDE drive is still booting and the 320GB sata drive is setting itself as second preference. So I dig out information regarding this and found out the facts lies beneath.. Here is some facts

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