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A lot of Internet Techies including me, we used to have a very very messy kind of room. Well guys it's normal to have it like that. But trust me it's not healthy for your brain and your health too. Personally i don't like my rooms to be messy but what to do.. Cause I'm yet single and I'm a guy. Wink  Today i'm just trying to show some of my opinions about single guys rooms management. It's not a perfect way to organize i know but still a life saver for those who are lazy including me of course. Here is some of my tips and tricks regarding this matter. Please feel free to comment and advice your own thoughts. Please bare in mind this article is designed for single guys or gals who has a messy rooms.

Organizing Tips:

  1. Start with a small area first.. namely where all of your things messed up.
  2. Spread everything that is in that area out on the floor or bed.
  3. Try to decide which items you need most of the time. Now the less required items, move them onto other sides.
  4. Buy some boxes, not those DHL or MILK boxes ok.. Go IKEA on the weekend, find some Large colored or printed container boxes.
    Try to match the box colors with your rooms wall colors. That would be just nice.
  5. Sit down and throw away whatever papers, pens, cd covers, small boxes you don't really need. Now sort the small items according to your usage.
  6. Try avoiding using big closets. It's not easy to move and clean and you will be avoiding it to clean just because it's difficult to clean. Buy some double hanging adjustable rails with roller. Double hanging adjustable rails are easy to install and easy to move and of course it requires a little time to clean too.
    Double Hanging Rail Adjustable
    Now setup the 2 rails, set one higher than other one. Make the front one lower. Now get a set of hangers, wooden and same colored one preferable. Hang all your T-Shirts, Shirts, Jackets on the hangers. Put the jackets, coats on the left and others at the right. Hang your pants, slacks, jeans on the next rail. Well It looks neat now of course. So whenever you need to clean your room, you can move the whole double rails to clean underneath and behind it.
  7. Get a hanging organizer which looks almost same as the picture below, but try to get one with 6 or 10 pockets.
    hanging organizer
    You can hang the hanging organizer at the second rail which is higher and arrange the organizer at the right side. Put small things like your keychains and phones at the top pockets.. The pockets down below use those to store your clean towels and under wears. Now you have almost all the things at one place which is movable too.
  8. If you prefer to use a mirror inside your room, get a framed mirror which can be moved easily where you want to. It's easy to clean also.
  9. Avoid bring your shoes inside the room cause it carries a lot of dusts.
  10. Use a door foot mat. When you want to clean it just bring it out side the house and wack it on the wall.
  11. If you happen to have a vacuum cleaner then use it to bring out the dusts on the weekend time.
  12. Do you like to put the snacks inside your room? Ok if you do.. Get some plastic aritight containers, see the pictures below
    Rectangular Airtight Food Containers SetRectangular Airtight Food Containers Set
    Now put your snacks inside these boxes. Get a wooden small open closet to keep things like the snacks and so on.
  13. For your important papers and stuff including your electronics items and your cosmetics, fragnaces etc. use a chest drawer with wheels. Get a small basket or vase where you can put all your daily used keys and watches, car key etc.
  14. If you are reguler desktop PC user, you should get a proper computer table with wheels which has enough space to organize your daily used computer stuff.

    Notebook/laptop users may find this useful, see the picture below.

  15. Get cable organizers to arrange your cables for your desktop PC cables.
  16. Use dust mop cloth to clean your computer keyboard, monitor and mouse.
  17. If possible use a dust mop to clean your room.
  18. Use a paper basket with a bunch of plastic garbage containers. Easy to wrap up and clean. 
  19. Everyday when you wake up. Take 5 minute to make your bed. Use fitted bedsheet and bedcovers. I personally doesn't use a bedframe cause it takes a lot of space and underneath it becomes a storage area which actually makes more messes and collects dusts.
  20. Try Not to use too dark colored bedcovers or blankets, it easily absorbs heat. Medium colors or light colors would be nice. It's not applicable if you are in a cold country.
  21. Avoid using carpets unless you have a vacuum cleaner standby. Carpets usually collects a lot of dusts.
  22. Change your curtains to heavy and long curtains.. If possible match your curtain colors according to the contrast of your bed color and wall colors.
  23. Use a comfortable chair for your computer table cause you used 
    to sit on the computer for long times. A chair with wheels, hand rest and back rest with head would be just great.
  24. Use fluorescent power saving bulbs. Which is not only economical also it changes the complete atmosphere of your room. Use "Bright Daylight" or "Cool Night" bulbs depend on your location, i mean if you are in a hot country use "Cool Night" energy saving bulbs. If you are in a cold country you should use "Bright Daylight" energy saving bulbs. "Cool Night" reduces the temparature of the room.
  25. Get some aromatherapy burner with some scent oils and candles. It greatly enhance the vitality of your mind and make you relaxed. Choose the oil flavours by your own, some fragnance that you like which is calm and relaxing.
    Mini Aromatherapy
  26. Those who are working, please try to clean up your room on the weekend.

Well thats all for now. This article might not be complete so Please leave your comments and ideas.

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