Node.JS: The Backbone of Web Development Company

All business domains are migrating from traditional technologies to modernized development technologies. Node.js advantages have breached the periphery of traditional development methods. It has become the backbone for web application development, banking, healthcare, entertainment and news, communication, e-commerce, trading etc areas are plunging success graph because of Node.js. The higher benchmark is set by node.js web development company as it can furnish ultimate web application using this technology. There is no doubt in saying that Node.js in present is doing wonders but future holistic vision can be predicted that Node.js will prove to be highly commendable.

Large, Medium and start-up sized companies are rooting their techno pillars in node.js and are out to hire a node.js developer. Node.js is an open source cross-dais runtime domain that has been drafted in JavaScript. It is wrapped up with amazing features hence it is on top-notch list of developers as they can create networking tools and web servers and plus factor is web applications developed in node.js can run successfully on varied servers like Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Unix along with this factor its prebuilt library caters extended features to applications to act as web servers.

Why Node.js:

Speed: Node.js development company thumbs up to the speed of Node.js. It uses V8 engine developed by Google, this engine compiles JavaScript to native machine code and runs swiftly. Basic web application task like reading and writing to the database, network connections and to file system can be executed within seconds using Node.js. “Slow Down” term has been stroked off by Node.js; developers need to just write code rest is taken care by Node.js.

Ubiquity:  Node.js can be right checked for its ubiquity. Its code furnished for browser or server runs in an alike manner on both. Migration of logic built for browse to the server can be done seamlessly using Node.js.

Data Streaming: HTTP request and response are data streamers. With Node.js within finger snap file can be processed when the upload is in progress, best stream example can be real-time video or audio encoding.

Real-Time Web Applications: Node.js web development company is climbing higher in the techno-savvy market because real-time web applications developed in node.js are hit. Data changes made on the server immediately reflects client and WebPages that displays this data get upgraded automatically.

Proxy Server: Node.js can be utilized to proxy distinct services with varied response time or to collect data from different sources. Example, if server-side application communicates with third party resources, saves videos or images or other media aggregates data from heterogeneous sources then Node.js can be utilized as a proxy if there is no existent infrastructure for the proxy.

Increase Productivity: Node.js has hammered the wall between frontend and backend developers completely this has improvised the web development process. Now, frontend and backend team can be amalgamated into a single pack to accomplish task breaching the interdependencies.

Node.js NPM (Node.js Package Manager):  Robust, consistent and super fast revolves around NPM and it keeps dependency management on right track. 60000+ modules are available for assistance of users.

Hosting Node.js deployments: Node.js has become primary choice among developers. With its increased implementation hosting is also curling up high. Heroku and Modulus are platforms as a Service (PaaS) providers that seamlessly allows a node deployment.

IoT + Node.js are marching together to rule the world. Most technologies don’t gel up that accurately with IoT applications, Node.js is providing uniform experienced across distinct devices and most importantly real-time experiences through embedded systems. The core ingredients of IoT applications are to gather data, communicate, analyze and act, all these can be accomplished by Node.js. NPM can be proven as a treasure for node.js web development company as it contains popular IoT modules like:


Node.js can be a boon for finance industry; complex financial web applications now can be developed with ease as node.js plus factors for finance applications are: agility minimizes development and cost, low latency issues can be overcome. Node.js web development company does not need to hire developers in bulk; the company can hire few skilled developers having dexterity in node.js as half the number of developers can craft a new product.

Prominent and most used applications like PayPal and Uber have made the right choice for developing applications using Node.js. PayPal’s engineering team stated that with node.js they developed an app with less than 33 percent of code and 40 percent of files and were able to build two times faster with fewer team members. Hence, from this, it can be derived that Node.js will conquer other technologies and will become on the top list of developers in near future.


To sum up, web development companies who are still gloomed under traditional technologies now it’s high time to hire a node.js developer who will arrow grey cloud above. People running any business be it in E-commerce, IoT, Finance, Healthcare etc get your web application or product developed in node.js before your presence gets declined on the internet.

Author Bio: Mr. Hiren Raval is leading the team of enthusiastic professionals at Brainvire, a Node.Js development company since last 4 years. Building powerful strategies for analysis, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance, he handles the comprehensive and tailored approach to app development.

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