Most SEO Experts Leverage the Google Answer Box

Today, most of us opt-in for our Smartphone’s when we have a question in mind. If that’s exactly what you do, then chances are you’ve seen the square answer box that sits comfortably in between the organic outcomes and also the paid ads. It is called the Google Answer Box. And it is mostly known as the ranking No., SERP or the featured snippet.

The featured data is generally pulled from Google from a single ranking page on the initial search page, and it doesn’t always pick from the website that gets ranked number one. It is essential because the featured snippet usually gets increased clicks than the site that gets ranked in the first place. It offers significant scope for the marketers to procure the answer box and also get added clicks.

But here the million-dollar question is the way you make use of the tool and leverage the social search for responses? And if to this your response was SEO, then you are correct in a way. SEO tactics are being used by several marketers to attain the accurate website rankings for various search terms. The moment you get momentum in SEO, as an expert SEO professional you need to opt-in for the Google Answer box. It gets counted as your SEO masterstroke. Today, most SEO experts, such as Rodney Kennedy and others opt-in for this tactic.

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Are you wondering how to go about it? Discussed below are three essential steps that will help you win maximum attention in Google Answer Box.

#1. Always conduct your research

It is essential to keep a check on the phrases and questions that come with featured snippets. Approximately, 17% of the Google inquiries come with an answer box. So, you can search for the keywords along with your competitor site rank making use of tools like the Google Keyword Planner.

If you are searching for your company, take a particular keyword phrase and then mold it in the form of a question. For instance, if you are searching for any information on “scheduling laws,” you can frame a question around it and search for the same. So, go ahead and brainstorm all your questions that you expect your audience to task and you can examine it out.

It is essential to know that Google offers an answer box to several queries which aren’t questions. The questions constitute to about 41% of the featured snippets. It means that several other keyword phrases comprise snippets. Furthermore, Google Answer Box also appears for several long-term keywords as well.

#2. Generate better data that can get found in the featured snippet

It is essential to start an article that has got a good rank on the page as that’s how frequently Google can pull the highlighted answer. You need to have a successful SEO campaign to have complete mastery of Google’s answer box. If there are no articles which have a high rank for any of the snippets, then you are required to work on the content and SEO for the similar page. You can build upon the same and make it even more significant. Add the compelling visuals and other updated content. The moment your web page rank is slightly high for the given search term, you can follow the steps discussed below, to enhance the scopes of the page getting featured:

  • Research deep on the topic: You need to answer the queries that expand the scope of the question that has you have selected. If the target point is “how to sell” and you want much more than just a wikiHow type of content, then curate an article that outlines selling and deal intricate aspects about it. You need to have better and an in-depth list other than what gets showcased in the snippet.
  • Make use of summaries as that gets featured: The paragraphs that you add comprise of the majority of the answer boxes. The reviews are a good option as they offer concise, precise data on the significant points that are available in-depth in the article in a way that Google can grab in the answer box.
  • Offer unique data and views: To provide unique facts don’t tweak fundamental facts and take away their originality. Google prefers data that it considers consistent and that match with several other trusted sites. Additionally, you can offer extra details that are usually known, place it all together in a creative mix and attractive visuals to elaborate your point.

#3. Personalize your page to be reader and snippet friendly

Google has shelled out a huge amount of money for quantifying all that is needed to make people happy with their search outcomes. Replicating all such tactics will make all your articles even more interesting as well as read-worthy to your readers. Furthermore, it catches Google’s interest as well.

You can make use of the H2 header for attracting the Google query. For instance, if you are generating an H2 header that reads “How to clean a faucet” it is a smart way to get Google to take note of the article when selecting the featured snippet for an exact phrase. It is because it seems to be a quick and easy way for every reader to be aware of the sub-topic content. Alternatively, you can also make use of several H2 headers that capture a set of similar queries along the article subject.

Additionally, you can make use videos, graphs, images, and several other visual tools available. When you change or enhance a couple of the aspects mentioned above, you can experience that it reaps in great rewards. To many, getting showcased on the Google snippet might sound impossible, but it is highly feasible. And when you make use of all these tools in general, it is likely that you will end up getting the desired spot in the search engine ranks. Every SEO expert and practitioner along with the companies willing to plan an SEO campaign, need to keep in mind all these essential aspects, to perform better.

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