5 Major Magento Trends to Get You Ready For 2019

Magento E-commerce Development is widely popular among the developers who prefer efficient, scalable, flexible and secure platform for online stores. The brilliance of control over the content, look and feel and the functionalities make it a preferred choice of the Magento Development Company. Besides these features, it offers powerful marketing capabilities to be implemented along with SEO.

A Quick Recap to Magento E-commerce in 2017

2017 is the year when the Magento Commerce has introduced speed improvements which led to the improved overall user experience. Impacting the e-commerce world to a great extent, Magento developers acknowledged the cruciality of having faster loading E-commerce Websites.

Website speed and usability improvements have left website users satisfied with seamless experiences. Moreover, it empowered businesses to perform better A/B tests with boosted security and seamless payment transactions.

Carrying this trend forward, 2018 is all about enhancing the sales and conversion rates using the upgraded pop-up and opt-in elements. Let’s have a look at the elements which have been introduced in 2018 to make you expect more while you hire Magento Developer.

Magento Trends for 2018 towards a Blockbuster 2019

AI Growth & Demand of Chatbots

AI is making lives easier with the exceptional features it has to offer. Magento E-commerce is not an exception here. The way in which artificial intelligence is contributing to the growth of online stores, it is likely that you will expect more from Custom Magento Development. It can be said that AI is the major revolution being witnessed by the development generation today. The sole aim of AI is to reach the nerves of the customer behavior with the website, understand their preferences. It thereby signals the businesses to shape their supply chain accordingly.

QUOTE: Magento AI is transforming buyer-seller experiences while Chatbots are dominating the E-commerce marketplace.

The AI can be held responsible for channelizing the growth of E-commerce in both ways. It helps businesses target customers according to their needs and aid users in getting customer-centric and personalized shopping experience.

Chatbots then replace humans in customer management, which is a star feature of Magento. No matter how much it is claimed that AI and Chatbots are advancing, they are still in the budding stage. But, the growth of AI and the ever-rising demand of Chatbots are rising like anything and this seems to continue with Magento E-commerce in 2019 too.

Creating the Personalized Experiences

Magento Development Company is now turning towards serving their clients with upgraded features of the Platform and personalized experience is highly in-demand. The e-commerce market is a highly competitive field today. If your web app is not up to the expectations of the customers, you are out of the race. So, what makes you stand out is meeting shoulders with the trends and creating personalized experiences is one of them. Whether the customers are shopping online or offline, they should be served according to their taste.

Google is the best example of personalized data serving right now. If you have a Magento E-commerce Store, you may create customer-specific coupons, provide product recommendations based on preferences or acknowledging the repeat customers for choosing you again. This strengthens the client-base by catering desirable products only. Since you are on the verge of scaling the growth of your Online Store, here is a read you should not miss.

Smarter Organic Searches

Having a website is just the beginning, a striking web presence is necessary. Make the way for smarter organic searches if you aren’t paying attention till now. Get your Custom Magento Development done by the efficient developers who build smart user navigation. The filtering options, breadcrumbs, and autocomplete are now the basic features which make the search smarter and website content easily accessible.

The smart search will be topping the charts in 2018 and will continue as a major E-commerce and Magento development trends for 2019 too. Once a customer visits your site, the super-smart search features must keep them engaged and they should feel like digging deep into your website. This will help the Online Stores achieve higher sales. All this is easily achievable with Magento Ecommerce.

Prioritizing Push Notifications as Critical User Engagement Tool

Magento Development Company focuses on making the customer experiences tailor-made and pushes notifications are the coolest features to have in a web or mobile app. The major goal of any E-commerce store is to hold a grip on the existing customer base with new user outreach. Push notifications act like a doorway here.

The unimagined benefits of push notifications can lead to awe-struck sales. As an E-commerce Store owner, you cannot wait for the users to come to your site and then know about the offers. Push notifications are great ways to keep them informed that you value them and there is something very exciting for them to be visited.

Websites and mobile apps are now adopting push notifications as an inevitable feature as it plays a vital role in sales. Magento can provide you with the same. So, while you hire Magento Developer, you don’t have to mention that you need this feature as they will infuse it already. And for better. It can be said that Push Notifications have become a necessity in 2018 and in coming years, which was previously considered as an additional feature.

Live Video is about to Add Value

Live videos are becoming familiar components for E-commerce websites. Looking up to the statistics, we can see Custom Magento Development shows a great success with E-commerce stores which opt for Video Marketing. 2017 can be known as a year of Video Marketing and 2018 is walking on the same path towards success.

Live-streaming videos work better than traditionally optimized videos and hence the former is replacing latter very gracefully. You may use Live Videos in this year and adopt the same strategy for the coming year too for showcasing the latest launches, services or even customer testimonials as a legit approach to increase sales.

Closing Line

No matter what challenges are brought up by the E-commerce sector, Magento E-commerce Development will always hit it hard. Its agility and the open source features help businesses adapt and thrive on boosting online sales and maximizing gross margins. If you are looking for boosting your sales with such classy features, you need to hire Magento Developer now!

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