6 Innovative Games with the Power to Transform your Life


Editor’s Note: This article is written by Aline Hanle. Aline is a “Quantum Catalyst”. She has the ability to feel and define the obstacles that lie within her client preventing him/her to experience his/her greatness. Her Energy-Empath gift is one part of her uniqueness along with her highly positive attitude about life and her rare respect for humankind. You can find more information on her website and Twitter.

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For the past 10 years, Life coaching has opened the world of personal development by giving new tools & new processes to open the mind to better understand itself.

The latest path has led many to realize the amazing power that lies in inviting the mind to play in order to learn.

Here are 6 great games worth playing experiencing and sharing

The Cosmic Compass Oracle Game

The Cosmic Compass Game is an innovative tool that helps you get clarity about your Life. The game answers any questions that you have. Whether you are wondering about a personal or a professional situation, The Compass provides you with a map that takes you from your question to your answer in an amazing journey to self-discovery! Fun and revelations guarantee!

Create an extraordinary Life, Unveil your Life Purpose, Re-design your path, Unleash your potential, Discover your greatness, Develop your Intuition, Reveal your Genius, Uncover your power & more in one box!!

[Link to the Game]

The Success and Me Game


The Success and Me Game™ is a lively and down-to-earth experience that helps participants get clear on what “success” looks like, on their own terms. The game engages participants in a deeply self-reflective yet playful facilitated group process that guides them to discover their personal success vision: one that illuminates focuses and inspires their endeavors and enables them to live lives of purpose and fulfillment.

[Link to the Game]

The Triplium Game

The Triplium cards will not necessarily give you answers, although sometimes they will confirm strongly your own vision, one thing is sure is that they will provide you with great dynamic clues that will bring you to discover your own truth.

[Link to the Game]

The Khi Game

The KHI is a small book that gives you insight and lets you listen to the sound echoing from your soul. The KHI brings you in contact with the other dimension instantly. HORO SCOPE opening up the scope of your inner vision, not a prediction but a source of inspiration and inner truth.

[Link to the Game]

The Transformation Game

Transformation Game

Just as life is filled with this rich variety of experience, so is the Transformation Game®, fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life. It can be played at varying levels of intensity, from a light-hearted way of gaining insight into yourself, to a tool to help solve problems, clarify important personal issues, or creatively enhance relationships.

[Link to the Game]

The Sark’s Creative Dream game


We all have creative dreams. But life often gets in the pathways of those dreams. The Creative Dream Game is a FUN and insightful way to release those dreams* and clear the pathways to understand.

Played with a group of friends or individually, the random effects of chance are enhanced through card play with subjects like “Time,” “Permission,” and “Gifts.”

Open up the windows of discovery with friends, family, or on your own…and experience the power of Creative Dreams.

[Link to the Game]

*Use responsibly. Side effects may include vents beyond your wildest dreams, grand illusions, and a joyous perspective on life.