6 Important Office Decor Upgrades for Increasing Employee Productivity

Most offices don’t pay too much attention to décor. They aim for something cheap, easy to maintain and easy to interpret. However, badly decorated office spaces can have a negative effect on your workers on many levels. So, here are the six most important office décor ideas that will have a positive impact on productivity, motivation, and focus.

Office lighting

Office lighting

Lighting is a crucial functional element of every office, but it’s also decorative in a sense that it creates a certain atmosphere and mood. The best way to light your office is to boost natural light. Sunlight regulates human circadian rhythm and boosts the production of Vitamin D. All of these things help workers feel alert, focused, productive and happy.

However, artificial lighting is absolutely necessary. It makes certain tasks much easier and pleasant and can allow people to concentrate better and work more productively.

But, getting artificial lighting right is the key. Strong, overhead fluorescent lighting is often connected to migraines, stress, anxiety, fatigue and even hypertension which all affect productivity. Under-lit offices, on the other hand, lead to eye strain, posture issues, and even depression.

Experts in office design always recommend mixing overhead lighting (softer) with proper task lighting (brighter). Make sure to place lights in a way that will not create a glare and reflection which are very distracting.

Comfortable furniture

Comfortable furniture

Even though workers spend most of their time in the office seated in their chairs, not many companies think about furniture choices.

However, comfortable yet attractive office furniture can have a positive effect on your employees’ productivity. Ergonomic chairs and desks minimize strain and stiffness in the back and neck and allow workers and clients to focus and feel comfortable.

Additionally, as many companies are switching from landlines to smartphones, your employees will need a practical way to charge their devices.

USB ports built into desks are a good idea, but wireless charging is a much better option. It provides quick charging without any fuss and allows workers to concentrate on the task at hand instead of their phones.

The right color combination

The right color combination

Colors that surround us have a big impact on our mood, motivation, and productivity. For instance, warm colors boost excitement, happiness, and even aggression, while cool colors evoke relaxation and peace. Different places in your workspace can benefit from different colors: break rooms that encourage relaxation might benefit from blues, greens, and neutrals, while busy areas require a kick from bold and bright colors.

Your employees will definitely feel encouraged to work, communicate and create when showered with uplifting hues.

When choosing your palette, use this opportunity to incorporate your brand colors into space. These colors will not only make your company look more professional and dedicated, but also have a positive impact on your employees. They can inspire your staff, boost motivation and productivity and improve loyalty.

However, be careful with certain hues. If your brand colors are bright and bold or too dark, incorporate them in a form of smaller elements like accessories and art. For instance, you can invest in stylish rugs to welcome your brand colors.

They will not overwhelm the space no matter what color and pattern you choose, but they will definitely add comfort and style to your office.


Indoor plants not only add to your overall office look but also have various other benefits. They have a positive impact on employees and boost relaxation and productivity.

The fact that plants have the ability to keep the air fresh, full of oxygen and perfectly humidified means that they help create a much more comfortable work environment that boosts productivity and focus.

Plus, adding a plant to every office is probably the easiest décor move out there. Some varieties like snake plants, peace lilies, and aloe require very little care and can be neglected for days and weeks and still provide their benefits.

Practical and elegant storage

Practical and elegant storage

Cluttered offices do more than create an uninviting look. They make it harder to get things done, they overwhelm workers and add unnecessary stress.

So, aim to keep your workspace clean and clear with proper storage. Modular wall shelving systems are a great option since they can be personalized and adapted to particular needs.

If you can’t go completely digital, filing cabinets are also handy, since they provide closed storage for a minimalist vibe, yet keep everything neatly sorted. These storage ideas will not waste your employees’ time and will allow them to work more efficiently.

Designing a visually attractive office that’s comfortable, uncluttered and relaxing will definitely have an impact on your workers’ productivity. Plus, these elements will also make your company more attractive to clients and young workforce. It’s a win-win situation.

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