Here Come The New Ideas For Digital Customer Experience Experts

The basic meaning of Customer experience refers to communication between a client and a company while their business is still active. We could say that the importance of Customer experience is on a rising path, maybe even on the top. It is well known that good Customer experience can create a base of loyal customers by providing good assistance. The competition is harsh and there are many candidates for the crown. In order to stay on the top, companies try to follow the trends and always be coordinated with the latest events. Therefore, here are some upcoming trends for this season.

Fresh digital CX ideas for experts

Internet of Things (IoT)

Columnist Blake Morgan placed IoT on the fifth place on 2017 hottest trends. The reason for that is an increase in IoT will make great changes on the market. This is due to increase of devices that we can connect to each other.  As Blake claims, this can be both good and bad. The good thing about IoT is that companies will have more information to create a better user experience. This will result in satisfied clients, and that is the main goal. There is, however, the matter of safety, as connected devices must be secure.


Can you imagine a chatbot interacting with you while you are ordering assignment help online? This may come true sooner than we think. Things are moving fast, and life is getting faster every day. Customers no longer wish to wait when they need to contact a representative of a company. People want service as soon as possible, with as less waiting as possible. This is why more and more companies are turning to chatbots. Many companies believe that chatbots are the best way to provide ongoing service and improve the user experience.

There are many benefits regarding the use of chatbots. They provide a direct and approachable route to communicate with the company. Chatbots remember all the actions made by the customer, analyze them and predicts customer’s desire. In addition, on top of everything, chatbots cost less.

Voice search

One of the fastest growing trends in digital customer experience industry. It started small, with voice commands on mobile phones. Later we had Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This trend is growing because of its practical use value. Whenever a user is unable to use vision or type in order to communicate or search for results they can use voice search. With so many users using virtual assistance on their devices, this type of communication with clients is closer than we think.

Mobile first

We witness an exponential growth of mobile device usage throughout the world. Mobile devices offer clients more flexibility and easier life. Many companies realize that they need to turn their eyes to this event and build their strategy around mobile devices. This approach would bring them closer to the customers and the result would be a better understanding of client’s needs. On the list of devices that fall into this group are even many of those devices that fall in into IoT category. Meanwhile, mobile remains a potent communication channel. Just think of the time each of people you meet spends time operating mobile devices. The number is too high to miss taking advantage.


We all know how much time we spend using chat clients in order to interact with our friends and family every day. In a way, we are all used to chat clients and find ourselves confident working with a chat client. It took some time but live messaging became a reliable form of interaction between the brand and clients. And, it still has a lot more to show!

Good Customer experience can help any business grow loyalty among customers. This will allow a steady flow and an imminent growth. In this type of competition, it is important to stay on top and follow the latest trends. Predict what is going to be the next best thing, dare to imagine the outcome. Listen to your customers and try to understand the essence of their problem.

Let us know what you think about these trends. What do you see as the next big thing? It’s fun to share ideas!

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