How to Write Web App from Scratch with No Experience

Do I Need Any Experience to Write Web Apps from Scratch?

This is probably the most common question every beginner is asking when they decide to start creating web apps from scratch. As you go along, you will realize that there are many people giving advice on various topics related to that.

However, which one should you follow and whom should you trust? One way to tackle this is to always follow the advice of those who managed to create websites and can share their experience, step by step.

Even in school, we start dreaming about creating web apps which can turn us into the next millionaires. Whether the app you are fantasizing about is meant to help users do something (mix their favorite music, create playlists, organize events in their life, and so on) or is purely informative and does not have a service tool incorporated, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

One of them is the fact that you need to realize that this is your personal project. However, running a personal project does not imply allocating little time or no time at all to it.

When You Decide to Give Up…

Commitment is as important as when you do your work 9 hours per day, however, with this project, you won’t see the results on the spot.

Sometimes, it is indeed harder to be committed to something where the results don’t show up immediately. So, making sure that you are prepared for a long-term project that will require your attention and energy irrespective of the results it gives at first is an essential part of making this project work.

In case you are not okay with the idea of working on long-term projects alone and can’t find motivation in what you do, then you will need to actually question if you are ready to build an app from scratch.

If you decide to work on this project together with a friend, then you need to make sure the involvement is split in half and each one of you is investing the same effort and energy to turn this web app into a success. Your individual contribution should be reflected in the project and have the same aim and length as process analysis paper topics.

Your Time Will Become Your Money

Your Time Will Become Your Money

Either way, before starting to work on any project that involves building an app from scratch, make sure to first really understand the reason behind it and then see if you are ready to invest your time and possible money in such a project. Then, if your answer is yes, you are in for the adventure of your life!

Experts and people who have been doing this on their own all have one thing in common: after they finish building the app, they realize that all the work and time invested in creating it pays off.

The amount of knowledge and the dedication you need in order to build an app will help you prepare your mind for any future challenge.

Starting with the time allocated to work on this great project to the things you learn by ‘’trial and error’’ and the horizons you are expanding by learning new things, it all will allow you to be more confident in your future projects.


Some Practical Advice to Get You Started

However, if we were to list some of the things you need to have in mind in order to surpass all the challenges and create the web app of your dreams, here are some of them:

  • Find an idea that represents you. First things first, come up with an idea which encompasses your vision of what an app should look like. After finding the best idea, make sure to also research the market and see if there are others that thought about this idea before.

    Is it something you can add on top of what they have already built? Is it something you can transfer to your app? In case there are several ideas which are waiting to be transformed into business ideas, make a list and pick the one which you trust the most. In case you are still not sure about what idea you should start with, get some feedback from your friends and family – they might have a different perspective on things.

Some Practical Advice to Get You Started

  • Set a goal and a deadline. We all hate deadlines, however, if it weren’t for them, we would probably get very little done.

    If you want your project to succeed, you need to set a time for when this will happen. Setting a deadline will also help you focus more on the project and start working on the app little by little, on a constant basis.

  • Understand what tools you need for your app. Brainstorming about what tools you might need in order to get your app running is also important.
    It doesn’t have to be a fancy app from the very beginning – you just need to focus on the basics and then you can improve your app day by day. It would also help if you were to think about how the possible customers could interact with your app and the initial screens: start-page, sign-in page, log-out page, settings page, etc.
  • Be willing to make mistakes and learn even more from them. There might come a moment when you will notice that you need to use a tool you haven’t worked with before.
    Those moments are the key part of the process, as a lot of people just give up when they face them. It happened to all of us at some point – having to watch a beginner guide on how to use a certain app. Moreover, you can find tutorials on the Internet about any app you might have to use. All you need is confidence, passion, and willingness to see your dream come true.


Concluding: Are You Ready to Build the Next Best Web App?

All in all, some key points here are energy, time, dedication, and passion. Having to set time on a daily basis for working on your individual problem may be a challenge. However, in the long run, you will realize that this was also an investment in your own self and you have learned many things along the way.

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